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Tottenham draw Leeds United in FA Cup fourth round

Leeds United back at White Hart Lane – and popular? Unheard of! Last time I saw them play was my Son’s first game on his birthday in 2002. We won 2-0 with Sheringham and Keane scoring the goals and the boy watched most of the game on the big screen because that’s how we did it at home! Those were the days when Steffan Freund ran over to sign autographs during the warm up Continue reading

Spurs Christmas Party antics

Oh You pretty things

Don’t you know you’re driving

the Tottenham supporters insane

Let me make it plain

You’re gonna get done by the Harry Superior!

(and you deserve it!)

Assou-Ekotto charges dropped. Now let’s get behind the boys!

The fan in the red corner has dropped his charges against Benoit after the “hands raised” incident following verbal abuse as Benoit left the field on Saturday.

It is a shame when these problems occur. Frustration is a powerful emotion and leads us to react in a way we would later regret. Many of us went to White Hart Lane looking forward to another cricket score but it wasn’t to be. Our recent games have been a reality check and shown us that on our day we can compete with nearly the best but when it doesn’t work out we can still get beat.

Benoit was singled out by the fan for abuse. He was probably close and had been patrolling that wing for the second half. It is a surprise for he was taken off at Everton at half time for his failure to get physical in the tackle away from home. Now at home he’s getting involved on the wrong side of the white line and risking his reputation.  

The lad didn’t have his best game but was he that awful? I didn’t think so. He has had a great season so far but form only carries on at the very highest level for a minority of players. Benoit is having a slight dip at the moment along with Wilson Palacios and Robbie Keane and in some games Jermain Defoe.

Robbie for his part gets a lot of stick right from the start. Give the guy a break. His return sparked a consistent run that saw us climb the table to a highly respectable position. Granted his own form wasn’t the best but he still plays a vital role and his movement is often helpful in moving around and unsettling the opposition centre backs allowing Defoe and others to pounce. Having dropped him for the Wigan game Robbie knows he has to be on his game to make the starting 11 so Harry has made his point.

The rumour is Celtic. But will he want to go yet? Maybe later but for now he surely wants to fight it out with Spurs and see if he can get us into the top 4. Think of it this way; had he felt we could get there under Ramos he might never have left. Having returned and in a much improved side under Harry the chance he craved may well be close; in his mind close enough to nearly touch. 

I want him to stay, I think he’ll come good and be the Robbie Keane we want to see so let’s get behind him and Benoit and Wilson and anyone who plays in a Tottenham shirt for that’s how we – the 12th man – inject confidence into our players to do what we want: WIN.

Come On You Spurs!