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Pav off and points till West Ham

With Pav now saying “he’s leaving in the Summer” its time to announce the result of our January poll. I asked should Pav leave if Sunderland made a bid.

47.01% of you felt he should be allowed to leave only if a world class replacement was found.

23.08% felt No, as his occasional brilliance could yet prove vital,

23.08% felt Yes it would be a Brucey bonus, and

 6.84% said Only if we get our transfer fee back.

Pav was a panic buy at the end of a window and at the time maybe the wrong Russian. Yet Arshavin has also been in and out of form and in terms of the Premier League and I remain unconvinced that Russians are suited to the pace of our game. Let me know if I’ve got this wrong!

For us to replace him in the way that you wish we may need to adopt a different strategy to our transfer dealings and this was the subject of a recent article that you may not have seen entitled, “Good deals, bad deals, no deals, new strategy needed”. Click the title if you missed it.

This month’s poll looks at the Premier League fixtures between today and our next home fixture against West Ham United on March 17 as the Arsenal fixture has been moved due to their involvement in a Wembley final in the trophy they love to rubbish! As a consequence we have a visit to Sunderland, followed by a visit to Blackpool and then a trip to Molineux.

If we look back to last year and replace Blackpool with Burnley this produced 0 from 9 points, as out 2009/10 points V opponents shows, but this year to keep up a challenge we need to do better. 

So can we?

Our regional points indicate 1 from 3 in the North East, 8 from 12 in the Midlands but it is the North West in which we struggle most with only 3 from 12. The Blackpool game is a rearrangement from the pre Christmas weather problems and Blackpool’s form has fallen since that time yet they can be free scoring if allowed possession.

So what will our tally be?    


How many points till West Ham?


Talking Tottenham Transfers

As we reach the final weekend of the window we seem to be one of the only clubs doing deals – no real offence to West Ham intended….

I was really pleased over the news that Eidur Gudjohnsen had joined us on loan for the remainder of the season. In all the time G and I have been travelling to games together we’ve discussed potential signings and players who we think may have suited our needs.

I’ve talked about Gudjohnsen, particularly when Pav was struggling to do the Continue reading

Bentley shines as Everton go out! Spurs Vs Everton Review

well it was the Carling Cup!I was surprised to see Robbie Keane in the starting line up but apart from that it was as had been predicted in the preview. And guess what, we saw some excellent performances from those Harry had brought in for the game. Bale was great at left midfield, Hutton very good at right back and star man was David Bentley who played well throughout and was winning the crowd over by the end of the game. Crouch and Keane start - sorry its Robbie and the mascot!Our only disappointment was Pavlychencko who proved once and for all that against the best sides he has little to offer in the rough and tough game played in England.

pavIn some respects Pav was painful to watch. The crowd supported him really well and at times it looked like Keane was trying to put it on a plate for him but when it really mattered he failed to commit himself and attack the ball as Crouch or Defoe would have done.  As an example in the second half Bale used all of his strength to squeeze past two defenders and put a ball across the six yard line where Pav essentially stood and watched it go by as if rooted to the spot. His anticipation was poor and while he did a few reasonable things he appears to need more room and time than our game is ever going to allow him.

For some reason Everton wore a light purple kit and  after two away games in the previous 4 days capitulated once the first goal went in. Near the end of the game our play became expansive and there was a slight concern that our abandonment would threaten our clean sheet but we cane through unscathed. Once more Dawson and Bassong were strong and Wilson and Tommy did better in midfield both making some excellent passes to get the wingers going.

The first goal was the result of an excellent move and was hammered home by Tommy with a powerful volley from just inside the box. The second followed what looked a streaky penalty award which Howard blocked from Keane’s weak shot. A melee took place in the Everton area and Keane eventually lashed home a furious shot to spare his embarrassment. From that point on there were more goals for us but all the crosses we made were either cleared away under pressure or sailed straight over as our aerial power was pretty none existent.

bentleyaAnd so to David Bentley. The man who last season could not beat the first man from a dead ball situation. Last night he turned that on its head and put in a rousing display that will put Lennon under pressure if he is not 100% fit on Saturday. And so it should. Having spent nearly £16M to acquire him it was time for him to perform. Last season it looked for a time as if he was trying too hard before giving up completely. Last night reminded us why the majority of fans were delighted when he was signed. I’m delighted for him and having turned it on when it matters I hope he now focuses attention upon himself in the mirror and says “I can do it and I will do it next time I get my chance”.

Harry must be pleased. The result was the one called for after Stoke and all of the players called in put in a great shift. Arsenal is going to be tough but then again it should be. The local derby is never going to be easy irrespective of league position and form going into the game. What we have to do is give a good account of ourselves rather than sitting back and being rolled over. Any of those playing last night showed that they can do what we expect of them this weekend.