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Tottenham Hotspur Vs Peterborough – Mini Review

I couldn’t take in the third round tie with Peterborough last weekend as my presence was required elsewhere but those of you I have spoken too were pleased to see an excellent passing performance that without the outstanding performance from Lewis in the Peterborough goal might have been double the score.

Could have been 4 goals by halftime was the comment and boy what a goal from Kranjcar to finally open the scoring with a curler from the edge of the box. Peterborough hearts broken more goals followed in the second half with Gareth Bale offering two assists, the first to Kranjcar for his brace and the second to Defoe for Tottenham’s third. Kranjcar then left the action to allow Danny Rose to put in a Lennonish performance resulting in a late injury time penalty which Robbie Keane only just converted for the fourth Spurs goal.

I was delighted to see that Harry Redknapp took the game seriously. He feels it important to try and win the trophy as he feels we have the players to win it. They did not include David Bentley and with that I think his Spurs career is all but over for not making the bench says it all. Even Pav’ did that and came on to rapturous support from the crowd though he couldn’t get his name on the score sheet.

Father took my place in the crowd. He felt the Spurs were an excellent passing team and whilst not playing the best opponent did what was necessary to come out easy winners.

He is used to good passing teams. He saw one in 1951 quite often with the push and run while down South on National Service, he saw another in 1960/61 with the double team when he moved South permanently for work. He continued to watch one week in week out throughout the 1960’s and into the 1970’s so I take his opinion seriously.  Remember he introduced me to Gilly, Peters and Chivers.

He remembers ‘Arry boy playing for the Hammers and likes his style of play. He thinks that on our day this Spurs team can do what the teams he saw could do – beat anyone. They have to repay his faith by delivering consistently against those top sides and next weekend is a good place to start; Anfield a traditionally difficult venue for Tottenham Hotspur.

It looks like Luka Modric will occupy the right flank and Niko Kranjcar the left until Aaron Lennon returns. Quite how we accommodate all our midfielders when everyone is fit will be a difficult decision for Harry Redknapp – but not one he needs to make for a couple of weeks. Let’s hope he gets it right!

Legends introduced in Danny Blanchflower Suite

Despite the disappointing result against Wolves on Saturday I did enjoy the day as I was upmarket in the Danny Blanchflower suite against the normal Block 53 position. What was enjoyable was the introduction of a number of ex players Martin Peters, Cliff Jones who is such a lovely man, Alan Mullery, Pat Jennings, Phil Beal, John Pratt, Paul Allen, Ralph Coates and Martin Chivers.

Having spied a sharpie in big Pat’s hand I managed to get some autographs which are on the back of the programme displayed.  

John Pratt and Paul Allen took questions from the floor and discussed games against Wolves and their thoughts for the day. Surprisingly Paul Allen could not remember playing aginst them which shows the depths to which they fell when they were originally relegated. Pratty was good on the microphone and to one question that he considered ridiculous answered “My name is Pratt – that’s my excuse – what’s yours?” 

I did have a chat with Mr Chivers and he was interested that Mr Gilzean had attended the Scottish Hall of Fame dinner.    

My guest and I also met up and had an enjoyable chat with some Norwegians who had popped over for a game – they had hoped for Man City but due to the day change from Tuesday to Wednesday had settled for Wolves instead and shared a table with a Dad and Lad from Swansea – a first visit to the Lane for the Dad a fan of 38 years. I should have known when he told me that disappointment might be the order of the day!

Our time has come; Tottenham Vs Man Utd Preview

However good our start to the season has been – and its been pretty awesome – tomorrow sees our greatest challenge: gaining victories over  Manchester United and Arsenal. We’ve beaten Liverpool at home in both the last two seasons and improved the home record against Chelsea but victories over United and Arsenal are distant memories.

Last season we competed well against United and apart from a wonderous period in which they inflicted numerous goals against us at Old Trafford we threatened them and certainly worried them. But still they overcome us and used their winning mentality to keep their superiority. United fans think we are delusional but we know this record must change at some point. Why not tomorrow?

And if we are to win let’s consider who we’ll be without. Certainly Woodgate and Modric who would play if fit. Maybe Bassong who we are told is fit and Ledley who remains a doubt. Will Kranjcar start? Possibly not unless Crouchy drops back to the bench leaving Keane and Defoe up front.

Jenas and Gomes return to the squad but both are likely to be on the bench and we may see Hutton at right back with Corluka stepping inside to cover King’s absence.

Whatever the situation the atmosphere at the Lane should be electric and come what may I’m looking forward to seeing our boys putting their best efforts into winning a game that calls for passion, belief and brains. If United win I want to see them put in one heck of a performance and a game to remember.

This is the fixture of the 1960’s that set the standard for football on television. The G Men against the Triumpharate. 5 – 1 home wins for both teams in 1965 (click to view), Pat Jennings scoring and Charlton’s thunderbolt in the Charity shield, Martin Peters 4 goal haul at Old Trafford, Best’s brilliant lob, our 3 goal fightback to win from 2 down at half time in 1976, but in recent years its been far too one sided.

Only we can change it. Tomorrow could be the day. Come the day come the hour we have Wilson Palacios.