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Manchester United Vs Spurs review

A performance as miserable as the Manchester weather but did it have to be this way? It seems that as soon as we see the kit of a top 4 team our knees start knocking and we beat ourselves before the referee blows the opening whistle. We had a decent chance tonight, opened the better only to find ourselves behind against the run of play.

We pick ourselves up and try again only to give up possession too easily and allow another great effort from Gibson to hit our net. 2-0 down and really game over unless we can get ourselves going and we failed to do so melting away as the second half wore on.

Both sides played people who often sit on the bench. Jenas should fancy to do as well as Gibson or better. He has loads more experience yet Gibson shows him how to deliver when a chance to show the Manager arrives. Bentley gets a rare start and on his favoured wing yet doesn’t really get going and cannot beat the first man from any dead ball situation. Hutton has loads of good runs but cannot cross the ball with any accuracy.

Why is that? How can these guys not know what to do to get the job done.

Ok, I accept Vidic played well but did we do our best to put him under pressure. Jenas has a great engine I’m told but all I see is him ambling between boxes without the ball and getting rid when it comes to him. What does he offer apart from defeat when he is in the starting line up? The only answer is a lack of desire and motivation.

What else do these guys have to do apart from practice? And there lies the problem. It seems that some have trouble fitting in training and matches into their busy lives. What with all the drinking, car crashes and hotel room fun who would want to practice corners or moving towards the opposition goal when putting your foot on it and going backwards appears acceptable.

Yes we had good possession but did we create enough? Harry’s tactic of putting Lennon against Gary Neville was a cunning one but we failed to get him the ball in positions where he could exploit it. When Tommy came on we did try and exploit the space better as nearly every distance pass had been under hit in the first half.

We also have to believe there will be a man in the box. JD was playing so he’d be borderline offside every time but we did not believe enough to try and make the cross. Bale had several good opportunities and then checked himself. If the cross was gone for and good it’s up to others to get the head/body/foot on it so why don’t we believe a man will be there?

Tonight we can console ourselves that Top 4 is more important than Carling Cup and we are right. But we shouldn’t overlook that this was another poor performance when it mattered and a couple of thousand Spurs fans travelled 300 miles to see it.

We also have to make the top 4 and on this showing we won’t get any points against the top 4 teams because we’re too busy showing them too much respect rather than getting stuck in. That means it is questionable. Harry’s face summed it up in the last 5 minutes. It said “we’ll be in the top 3 for agent payments again next season if we really want to compete”. We certainly need to do better on Saturday.

Finally I noticed Berba’s new hair cut. Is it so that Sir Alex does not recognise him and he maybe gets picked more often?

Aston Villa Vs Tottenham Preview

If we were still at Primary School you fancy Spurs to win about 12-1 this weekend as Wigan beat Villa 3-1 on the opening day and we put 9 past them last Sunday. But we’re not and despite all our euphoria we’re going to have to put in a decent shift to get something from the game tomorrow.

The good news is that we have no further injury concerns so I’d expect an unchanged side the bad news is Carew is fit and he is a handful. Dawson may need to take him as he is more powerful in the air than Woodgate. This is a good test for our centre back pairing and I hope to see them acquit themselves well.  Gomes will certainly be busier and he needs to be careful with his distribution as giving Villa the ball may cause more problems than giving it to Wigan last week.

This is the sort of game we need points from to cement a real challenge and going forward I expect to see some good counter attacking play. Lennon will certainly be double teamed unless Kranjcar can free him by being a nuisance. If the balance I called for last week continues that gives us more of an edge and a greater degree of options. Palacios will be key in the centre of the park and it is up to the others to close down, hassle and tackle to keep him in position and not resorting to ambitious tackles.

This is where Lennon has improved so much. Not only has his crossing improved but his desire to get back and challenge has made us so much more difficult to break down from the opposition’s left flank. We can expect Azza and JD to go flying if they show a clean pair of heels and I hope that we continue to play football on the deck rather than go straight to Crouchy up front with the long ball.

My line up: Those that started last week.

Prediction: Despite being told by colleagues “you’ll win 3-1” I’m more cautious and thinking more the draw.

Tottenham Vs Wigan Preview

After my thoughts on England’s centre back pairings last weekend comes a golden opportunity for Messrs. Woodgate and Dawson this afternoon to lay claim to their squad places with hopefully a clean sheet in a Spurs win. Knowing other results and being at home gives us the chance to press home our advantage to cement fourth place this week on level points with the Arsenal.

It will be interesting to see what impact the Internationals have had on other Spurs players.

  1. Will Keane be devasted (more by his miss than the handball)?
  2. Will Pav be in tears now that he doesn’t need to move because Russia did not qualify for the World Cup?
  3. Will Jenas get a game and if he does will he go forward?
  4. Will Defoe and Crouch be out to show what they can do with a bit of service as Bent did yesterday and,
  5. will Lennon be back?

Harry, please give us a team with some balance and width. If Lennon does not make it give Bentley a game or at least a subs appearance when Crouchy is on the pitch. Consider Hutton for a full game after Charley’s last outing and please go 4-4-2.

My team: Gomes, Hutton, Dawson, Woodgate, Assou-Ekotto, Lennon, Palacios, Huddlestone, Kranjcar, Keane and Defoe.

Prediction: 2-0 home win with hopefully more goals if we get the show on the road