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New Poll posted: Who should partner Daws?

As we entered the season with all centre backs on the treatment table Harry signed Bassong with spectacular results. A debut goal and a win against Liverpool got him off to a cracking start but as the season has developed like many Spurs defenders before him the confidence has become a little fragile. As Dawson has become skipper and ever present and Ledley continues to limp more cover was required as Woody reverted to permanently injured and Bassong himself got a couple of knocks.

With Portsmouth preparing to inflict a bad debt upon Spurs Kaboul was bought back to make the debt go the other way and is eligible for the first time against Aston Villa on Saturday. So the question for our next poll is, If Dawson is our permanent fixture who do we want at his side?  To vote click on the link below or utilise the poll on the sidebar of this page. You can also add your own comments if you feel inclined at the foot of the page:

Who do you want to see partner Dawson in defence?



Portsmouth Vs Tottenham Preview

 On paper and form this is a victory but that ignores the personalities and scores that go into this match. On a good day the crowd is worth a man to most teams but today expect it to be 2 men in Portsmouth’s favour so we need to quieten them down quickly. KPBThen there is Kevin Continue reading