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Come back Robbie all is forgiven: Wolves 1 Spurs 0

I missed most of the first half but did manage to catch the first half highlights on my YES stream. Already annoyed by Pat Murphy’s suggestion that Spurs are a bunch of pansies whilst driving home because a number of players are wearing long sleeves and gloves I saw Jenas playing statues in the box when the goal went in. He probably could not have got to the ball but making no effort to get to it leaves me uneasy. Sometimes I think JJ should swap his shirt before the start of the game so we know who he’s really playing for during the Continue reading

Marching on together – up a blind alley? Spurs V Leeds Report.

I could not be at White Hart Lane yesterday because of the teatime slot as we had a pre arranged  dinner date. It did allow me to play golf in the morning, a Daily Mail pairs qualifier, but as my normal partner was unwell I had to seek a replacement in the Pro shop. As luck would have it someone Continue reading

Gomes proves “a point” – Fulham vs Spurs Review

I missed the start of the game having immersed myself in Tottenham Hotspur: A Nostalgic Look at 100 Years of the Club but got a feed on YES in time to see Dempsey rattle the bar with a free kick. The book is part of a series entitled “When Football was Football” and the match confirmed this on a couple of occasions. Firstly Kranjcar was called for a foul when trying to hit a shot inside the box on a dropping ball. The Fulham defender got there first only to get hit by Niko’s boot. Purely accidental, no one hurt so why a free kick?

Then in the second half another 50/50 ball produces a free kick when allowing play to continue was the better option. These days the slightest contact causes the referee to blow his whistle. Is football no longer a contact sport?

The game finished goalless and provided a valuable point for us to add to our tally. It was really as a result of a faultless performance – in the part of the game I saw – by Heurehlo Gomes including a number of blinding saves and one excellent double effort by Schwarzer from firstly Crouch and then Jenas to prevent us nicking the points.

Fulham looked the better side and more likely to score though we had our fair share of possession throughout. I did not see the Crouch effort that was disallowed but Fulham looked comfortable at the back winning nearly all the second ball from Crouch’s knockdowns. Dawson and Bassong were struggling with Zamora who has made himself into a much stronger and effective player since his short spell at White Hart Lane and had Gomes not been in fine form we would have conceded.

Fulham are no longer the clueless side who we thrashed 5-1 on boxing day a couple of seasons ago. Roy Hodgson has built a capable group of players and their performances last season and so far this allowed their supporters to taunt us with an “only one team in Europe” in Europe chant. This result will do no damage to Harry’s own quest to achieve a European spot. Expecting a midfield struggle Keane and Jenas came into the side for Defoe and Huddlestone and this proved to be the right decision. Robbie is more willing to drop deep in support of the midfield and JJ may be better in the tackle.

Modric came on for a quiet Kranjcar, Defoe replaced Keane and King had a few seconds at the end after Bassong was knocked out by a Fulham boot. I fancy they will all keep their spots for the visit of West Ham on Monday.