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When the Year ends in 1: Tottenham V Charlton preview

The year ends in 1 so Tottenham should mount a decent challenge in the FA Cup. Today’s result couldn’t have helped more. Arsenal held at home by Leeds United, no testing visits to the North East after brilliant wins for Stevenage Borough, Notts County and Burton Albion. West Brom and Blackpool also lost and Stoke were held and either Liverpool or Manchester United departs as they play each other.

So plenty of lower sides exist as future opponents and all we don’t have to do is make hard work of Charlton Athletic when they visit White Hart Lane. After the Everton game and with Manchester United up next I am sure that Harry will be resting some of our main starters to ensure no knocks are picked up and allow them to rest before the onslaught.

I’m also interested to see if the Ginger Pele gets a game for them as his face has been on all the local match advertising. The man tried hard when he wore our shirt but I’m hoping that similar defending in a Charlton shirt will erode those deep rooted nightmares that he put in my head.

Our biggest risk is that the game is a sideshow to the David Beckham show and it’s likely that he will get paraded at White Hart Lane before the match. I think it’s already becoming a problem with Harry defending himself and pointing out that we need someone to put a cross onto Peter Crouch’s head and Beckham’s ability to bring players on. 

I thought we already had David Bentley but he’s had little opportunity this year and hasn’t taken it when he has. Surely he is one man who could do with some Beckham coaching as he already has the skills but no we loan him to Birmingham so he can get games. 

Having gone off on Wednesday night I would not expect to see Gareth Bale tomorrow and therefore expect Kranjcar to take his place. He must do better then his previous showings this year but to fair he can do no worse. We could also see Sandro being given a cup tie to cut his teeth. He did well against Arsenal in the Carling Cup so I hope he comes through this one as his Premier League starts have needed some work. 

Whether JJ continues or Palacios comes back into the team is anyone’s guess. I’d quite like to see JJ have a run out and Modric given a rest remaining on the bench. 

I think that Dawson will play alongside Bassong and Charlie may get another game to protect Hutton for next week and having brought Walker back from QPR why give him straight to Aston Villa when we could have played him in this game first?

Up front I fancy Defoe will come back in. He needs goals before Manchester United and this represents a decent chance. I fancy Pav will also get the nod. The team for the game I fancy will be as follows:


      Corluka       Dawson      Bassong      Ekotto

Lennon           Sandro            Jenas            Kranjcar

                    Defoe                          Pav           

Prediction: I’m going for 3-0 but a win will be sufficient seeing the fortunes of other Premier League sides today. This is a cup we can win and we must do our best to do so.    

Spurs player ratings against Sunderland

The player ratings are provided by Young Mac (aged 15) who watched the game on a stream. These were the notes on each Spurs player I came home to:

Gomes 7 – Not called upon often. Booked for a definite foul and conceded from a one on one but that’s not really his fault.

Hutton 7 – Some good attacking runs and play with Bentley.

Gallas 7 – Looked solid until his costly mistake with Kaboul that led to the goal.

Kaboul 7 –  Gallas and him both looked solid until the mistake which led to the goal

Ekotto 7 – Defended well and worked well with Bale. May have commited himself a couple of times and got beat.

Bale 7 – No master class from him tonight. But you can’t really expect that every game.  Some good attacking runs.

Modric  7 – Looked good to begin with but towards the end started making sloppy passes.

Huddlestone 7 – Got beat by Welbeck a couple of times and for the goal but sprayed the ball about nicely.

Bentley 6 – Wasn’t impressed with him tonight. His specialty is the cross for a target man to head  goal bound. Pav isn’t this man. Couple of poor shots and a poor free kick from a good  position. Definate penalty when he went down. But when Crouch came on he looked better.

Van der Vaart 8 – Impressive performance. Sprayed the ball about nicely. Scored and had a few chances well saved. Linked up well with Crouch but not so much with Pav. If Van der Vaart plays Crouch has to too.

Pavlyuchenko 6 – Didn’t link up well at all with Van der Vaart. One good bit of play when he turned and shot just wide but that’s about it. Gave the ball away a bit.

Crouch 7 – Linked up well with Van der Vaart when he came on. Got a assist. When he plays. Bentley is the best at putting the high ball in for him.

You can see all the player ratings for those games watched this season in the sidebar at all times or by clicking this link: Player Ratings

Did Harry single out the right player for criticism?

Harry Redknapp might have been worried about his court room appearance when he appeared in front of the cameras last night. Certainly his mood will not have been improved by the performance he had just witnessed but did he really have to lay into David Bentley?

We all know Bentley has not performed since joining the club from Blackburn Rovers. It was evident from every corner and free kick he took. But since coming back into the side he has been delivering the goods and summed it up quite well himself when Continue reading