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Spurs Christmas Party antics

Oh You pretty things

Don’t you know you’re driving

the Tottenham supporters insane

Let me make it plain

You’re gonna get done by the Harry Superior!

(and you deserve it!)

Tottenham Vs Wolves Preview

I’ve got a soft spot for the Wolves. When I joined the school Subbuteo league in the mid 1970’s Spurs had been taken so I chose Wolverhampton Wanderers instead. They had a decent side in those days and were always on the fringe of trophies losing to us in the UEFA Cup final and winning the league cup beating Manchester City. My subbuteo team were pretty good as well!

Tomorrow should be all about three points as long as we are not too casual. We might even keep a clean sheet – it’s certainly a chance. The word is that Wilson is fit to start and if that is the case who drops off the bench to accommodate Modric? I expect to see him finish the game by getting at least 15 minutes. There is talk of a massive bust up between Harry and David Bentley which Harry has played down in his pre match press conference along with a christmas party. Unfortunately some of our lot would not be back from the bender for the West Ham game if one was held so Harry is only protecting them.

I think Harry is spot on here. These guys are professional sportsmen who earn a lot of money. In comparison to the lives of the majority of folk sitting on the terraces every day is a party to them so that should be held in abeyance until something has been won. If the players have watched how we gave away last week’s game at Everton they probably won’t fancy a party anyway, it’ll be sleeping pills to stop them lying awake!

Tomorrow is therefore a chance to show how to close out the game again. Everton got up their gander and with the home crowd were able to claw their way back into it. Wolves are away and with no Saha or Yakubu in the starting line up let alone on their bench have limited opportunities to unsettle an on form Spurs.

I will go for a 3-0 win for us – and hope I do not have to eat my words!

I would also be unchanged as I feel Benoit plays well at home but looking to bring Luka and maybe Robbie into the action at some point in the match.