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Manchester United Vs Spurs review

A performance as miserable as the Manchester weather but did it have to be this way? It seems that as soon as we see the kit of a top 4 team our knees start knocking and we beat ourselves before the referee blows the opening whistle. We had a decent chance tonight, opened the better only to find ourselves behind against the run of play.

We pick ourselves up and try again only to give up possession too easily and allow another great effort from Gibson to hit our net. 2-0 down and really game over unless we can get ourselves going and we failed to do so melting away as the second half wore on.

Both sides played people who often sit on the bench. Jenas should fancy to do as well as Gibson or better. He has loads more experience yet Gibson shows him how to deliver when a chance to show the Manager arrives. Bentley gets a rare start and on his favoured wing yet doesn’t really get going and cannot beat the first man from any dead ball situation. Hutton has loads of good runs but cannot cross the ball with any accuracy.

Why is that? How can these guys not know what to do to get the job done.

Ok, I accept Vidic played well but did we do our best to put him under pressure. Jenas has a great engine I’m told but all I see is him ambling between boxes without the ball and getting rid when it comes to him. What does he offer apart from defeat when he is in the starting line up? The only answer is a lack of desire and motivation.

What else do these guys have to do apart from practice? And there lies the problem. It seems that some have trouble fitting in training and matches into their busy lives. What with all the drinking, car crashes and hotel room fun who would want to practice corners or moving towards the opposition goal when putting your foot on it and going backwards appears acceptable.

Yes we had good possession but did we create enough? Harry’s tactic of putting Lennon against Gary Neville was a cunning one but we failed to get him the ball in positions where he could exploit it. When Tommy came on we did try and exploit the space better as nearly every distance pass had been under hit in the first half.

We also have to believe there will be a man in the box. JD was playing so he’d be borderline offside every time but we did not believe enough to try and make the cross. Bale had several good opportunities and then checked himself. If the cross was gone for and good it’s up to others to get the head/body/foot on it so why don’t we believe a man will be there?

Tonight we can console ourselves that Top 4 is more important than Carling Cup and we are right. But we shouldn’t overlook that this was another poor performance when it mattered and a couple of thousand Spurs fans travelled 300 miles to see it.

We also have to make the top 4 and on this showing we won’t get any points against the top 4 teams because we’re too busy showing them too much respect rather than getting stuck in. That means it is questionable. Harry’s face summed it up in the last 5 minutes. It said “we’ll be in the top 3 for agent payments again next season if we really want to compete”. We certainly need to do better on Saturday.

Finally I noticed Berba’s new hair cut. Is it so that Sir Alex does not recognise him and he maybe gets picked more often?


Oh Gomes we love you! Tottenham Vs Sunderland review

GomesUntil Gomes brought down Darren Bent and then saved the resulting penalty the atmosphere was a little flat at The Lane this afternoon. However, that moment plus a couple more saves and the introduction of Niko Kranjcar provided the spark both on and off the pitch to produce a performance that saw out the victory against Sunderland. But it could have been oh so different!

Gomes brings down Bent, is sent off, Bent scores to silence the crowd and Spurs blow lead to second home defeat. I think this is where Steve Bruce will be coming from when MoTD starts later this evening. He may also have something to say about Robbie Keane’s opener. From Block 53 you could not tell what had happened. It seemed that the chance had gone and then it was in the back of the net. We couldn’t see and I missed the replay at half time.

There's only 1 Keano!Keane looked lively in a surprising starting line up. To my mind Harry is struggling to keep his main men happy. Having lost Defoe to suspension and being bloody annoyed with him he knew that he needed him back after two blanks in premier league fixtures. Crouch had done nothing wrong so he could not be benched and Keane is the skip.

Then in midfield we see the Three Amigos once again and no winger, and Woodgate in for Bassong. “My team so I’m telling you lot (supporters) that my selections were right last week etc”. We won so he was right – and who am I to criticise – but we had no width and it showed badly in the first half in which Sunderland and particularly Steed made us look ordinary and not good value for our lead.

bentleyaIf Lennon had been fit he would have played; so Bentley is his back up where was he? Where were the crosses coming from to use Crouchy’s height? We didn’t really see them. As we drove home we mused about the players thoughts on a side. They must question their absence. Bentley surely must and will undoubtedly want a way out come the window. Others must look at the lack of balance we felt but figure “I’m in so what the heck”.

I’d asked for Hutton over Corluka and Charlie was led a merry dance in the first period being nut megged more than once by Steed. I like the guy but he is out of sorts at the present time. Hopefully a friendly for Croatia will do the trick.

I’d asked for Woodgate and he didn’t really impress. I’d asked for Dawson and he came on after another King injury and looked good in the air. His distribution was not as good as in previous games but he does get given the ball when no one else can find anything and has to have a go. I want to see this partnership develop.

I’d asked for Kranjcar and Bale and got a substitute appearance from Niko that offered much. However, my suggested midfield was ridiculed as being too lightweight and attacking and on today’s performance they were right I was wrong. Wilson was out of sorts and looked uncomfortable in possession a lot of the time. Had he been on his own with Bentley, Niko and Bale we would have been overrun.

TommySo were Jenas and Tommy better than last week? Well, yes they were but you would expect that as Sunderland are not in the top 4 and play at a more acceptable pace. Tommy played the ball around well and scored a cracking volley to add to the one he got against Everton. My faithful driver reckons he should score as many as Lampard (without the pens) and there may be something in this.

JJ on the other hand is a more complicated character. There is a lot about him that is good but some of him that is bad. When he opens up and runs he looks great but to me he always looks like he doesn’t quite know what to do with the ball when he has it. I felt he was ok and that’s about it. What I do think is that he is the best trainer the club has. Always impressive great stamina etc and that helps him keep himself in successive Manager’s thoughts!

And so to Defoe? The prodigal son returns after 2 weeks of revising the offside law and yes he’s offside about a hundred times. His ability to keep onside mirrors his inability to keep under the speed limit and will surely cost him his international place if he is not careful. He had a few shots, worked well with both Crouchy and Keane but it never really opened up for him.

Crouch played OK, had a few crosses from Benoit who was also a little under the weather and wearing long sleeves and gloves and Robbie looked lively playing just behind the front two in a roving role. I thought he was unlucky to be subbed but that becomes a predictable tactic for us.

Ledley; injured again, played pretty well running out a few times when options did not open up immediately and handled the Sunderland front men adequately. And so to Gomes.

Another injury today and treatment in the first half but some good catches and fine saves in the second half. He’s a trier that is for sure – sometimes getting the ball away too quickly and putting pressure on defenders but coming on well if he is protected properly. The penalty was him not being great at coming out but the resulting save marvellous – and he loves it when the crowd sing his name.

So Bent missed the pen and Steed looked good – what of other ex Spurs? Andy Reid was pretty good all afternoon and looked lighter than when he played at WHL, Campbell was pretty anonymous and Fulop made a hash of a clearance but was OK apart from that.

Harry proves me wrong and we get the three points. Well done Harry. But we did make hard work of it, lacked width and needed a bit of creativity. Come back soon Modric and Lennon!

Finally, I’ve had tuition on my phone to be able to tweet if i feel the need and tried it out at the Lane this afternoon. Hope you liked it!