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New Poll posted: Who should partner Daws?

As we entered the season with all centre backs on the treatment table Harry signed Bassong with spectacular results. A debut goal and a win against Liverpool got him off to a cracking start but as the season has developed like many Spurs defenders before him the confidence has become a little fragile. As Dawson has become skipper and ever present and Ledley continues to limp more cover was required as Woody reverted to permanently injured and Bassong himself got a couple of knocks.

With Portsmouth preparing to inflict a bad debt upon Spurs Kaboul was bought back to make the debt go the other way and is eligible for the first time against Aston Villa on Saturday. So the question for our next poll is, If Dawson is our permanent fixture who do we want at his side?  To vote click on the link below or utilise the poll on the sidebar of this page. You can also add your own comments if you feel inclined at the foot of the page:

Who do you want to see partner Dawson in defence?


Tottenham spent £6,066,935 on Agents fees in a year!

 We’ve made the Top 4!

And it only took Harry one season to do so!

We could say well done but that would be a bit cheeky! Maybe – as supporters – it is none of our business to whom or for what transaction these were paid but like the current furore over Bank bonuses these are large sums of money and amounts that certainly need some justification.

My memory tells me in this period we resigned Defoe and Keane, signed Palacios, Crouch, Bassong, Naughton and Kranjcar. We also sold and loaned a few out. Therefore we would have paid a few bob to agents. But £6M? Kranjcar, for example, was a £2M fee but how much did the agent get – more than that? And was Defoe not in court over the sacking of his agent?

I’ve never quite worked out why the club ends up paying this money in any case. Surely if the player employs the agent he should pay him and not the club. It’s like foreign players asking for wages net rather than gross. Maybe in your Country Senor but not in North London me old china!

As a consequence surely the amount that the club pays should be capped and if the agent is due more the player settles it. After all he is getting pretty decent wages from which to do so.

It might be helpful if the “undisclosed” deal dies a death. After all published accounts will eventually allow people to guess what the transfer sums were if they are not disclosed in the Club’s annual report. If all transfer deals had to be published and then associated agent payments also had to be reported as an additional amount the agents might ask for less and the Clubs might end up paying less.

Think of it this way. If the players have moved the payments over to the clubs this suggests they think the amounts are too much. The agent maybe said once “OK I understand you think it is al lot but if I can get the club to pay it are you Ok with that?” What player would say no?

Then the Club probably thinks it is too much but wants the player. If they had to reveal the payments as part of the transfer then they may well be able to say “our shareholders will not be happy with this amount of money” and force a reduction.

That only leaves the agents. It would be interesting to know how much each of them have earned within the £70M and also how much tax has been accounted for by them. If Bank bonuses need to be controlled surely these payments also need to be.

I dare the Premier League to try and do it for the sake of our beautiful game!

For your interest the League Table of Fees is as follows:

Manchester City – £12,874,283

Chelsea – £9,562,223

Liverpool – £6,657,305

Tottenham – £6,066,935

West Ham – £5,527,548

Arsenal – £4,760,241

Wigan – £3,576,972

Portsmouth – £3,184,725

Bolton – £3,166,611

Everton – £2,008,407

Sunderland – £2,007,040

Aston Villa – £1,708,374

Blackburn – £1,610,885

Hull – £1,599,188

Manchester United – £1,517,393

Fulham – £1,469,258

Wolves – £1,235,703

Birmingham – £974,982

Stoke – £716,042

Burnley – £468,398

Tottenham Vs Everton Carling cup Preview

ccupThe clocks have gone back so a proper night match. Look out for the photos on Flickr after the game. A Carling Cup tie against the Toffees. Thankfully they are more shell shocked than us after two defeats in four days but with O’Hara on loan and players injured we may field a makeshift midfield in order to protect for the Arsenal game on Saturday.

We fancy Hutton to return, Dawson and Bassong and Assou-Ekotto to continue in the back four. Bentley and Bale on the flanks and Jenas and Tommy for the centre. Crouch and Pav will start up front and we hope for Gomes to continue between the posts.

A good side, possibly? We saw Bale start at left mid at Old Trafford and the boy had pace so why not allowing A-E to have a bit of rest at left back. We need Bentley to be interested and with Lennon’s knock on saturday what more reason could there be than a possible game at The Emirates on Saturday if he impresses. 

For Dawson and Bassong staying fit will be important for if Ledley fails to shift his illness and Woody does not get over the concussion they are in on Saturday. Daws was a giant on Saturday and I fancy Harry to give him the armband.

A couple of goals to get Stoke out of the system. You bet and with kids at £5 ewach it may be some youthful and high pitched chants during the evening.

Come on You Spurs there’s a chance of Wembley at the end of all this!