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Return of the King – Alan Gilzean seen at White Hart Lane

It’s finally happened the King has come out of the wilderness and visited White Hart Lane to see friends old and new and what a reception he received. As we walked down Paxton Road this afternoon word started to spread with a tweet from Paul Coyte being seen by young Mac saying “a true legend here today, just hope I can entice him on to the pitch at HT #kingofwhitehartlane.”

Straight away for me it was Alan Gilzean but would he come out pitch side, now that was another thing altogether. First thought. Is James Morgan, author of the excellent “In Search of Alan Gilzean” here? Immediate tweet to him speedy response, “No but if it is he would love to see it.”

Team announced, Dawson back in and some tempo in our first half performance and a fantasic goal from JD to boot. Half time will it happen? Paul Coyte comes out and stands for what seems an age before announcing a real treat for himself and out comes the great man himself.

Looking around spontaneous applause and a lot of the older supporters who saw his whole career stand to hear what he has to say. Lots of things covered in the book, his desire to play at Wembley in the cup final and Tottenham being the team he thought he could achieve that with, playing in John White’s memorial game for Scotland which helped set up the opportunity for the deal to be done, his love of the stadium, Berba shouldn’t have left Spurs and his favourite Spurs moment, parading the FA Cup at Wembley Stadium in 1967 to the Spurs fans.

Its been nearly 40 years since he attended White Hart Lane and he brought his grandson with him. If he didn’t appreciate the affection with which Spurs fans hold him before today he certainly does now and despite the passage of time his performances and sublime skills have not and will not be forgotten.

If you would like to learn more about Alan’s life and career in football pick up a copy of James Morgan’s outstanding book “In Search of Alan Gilzean” which is published by Backpage Press.  

Gilzean, Gilzean, Born is the King of White Hart Lane.

Well done Helen on your half time protest

Two things impressed me this afternoon outside of the football match against Manchester United. I was handed a flier for “In Search of Alan Gilzean” as I walked down the High Road which I gratefully accepted informing the Scotsman handing it out that it is a very good book as we passed each other.

Then at half time the We Are N17 protest moved to the next level when a person – Helen according to Twitter – climbed up on the window ledge of the television box on the corner of Park Lane and the Shelf sides of the ground to unfurl a “Say No to Stratford” banner and hold it against the window where hopefully the Sky cameras picked it up.  

Whether it went out during the half time break or will appear on Sky Sports News later Helen must be commended for having the guts to climb up onto that ledge. I understand that she was ejected from the ground but will not be banned from the Stadium. Like many Helen clearly feels strongly enough about our proposed move to take such action and might have faced a lengthy ban for her beliefs. 

If you want to sign the petition to support Tottenham Hotspur remaining in Tottenham please click the Stratford logo to visit the online petition.

Is it a Hall of Fame without Greavsie and Gillie?

Having read In Search of Alan Gilzean and Jimmy Greaves’ article in the People on Sunday a couple of weeks back I am left with mixed thoughts. I can understand what both men are saying about returning to White Hart Lane but something about it doesn’t sit well with me.

Both men wish to have an element of privacy and might not enjoy fans fawning over them for the duration of the visit but the facts are these are two of the greatest players alive who played for our club and they are not in our Hall of Fame.

Can this be right? I cannot believe for a moment that the Hall of Fame stands up to scrutiny without their inclusion so something needs to be done. Or does it?

It was my understanding that Jimmy disliked the dinner idea where fans pay lots of money to see their hero and get an autograph or photo but he or the players concerned get nothing at all from it. Jimmy is better off than some of his contemporaries, Alan included I would suspect, and can earn money from his fans through his stand up shows but others are not so lucky and his attitude may relate to their plight.

Alan on the other hand had stepped right out of the spotlight until James Morgan got him inducted into the Scottish Hall of Fame. In “Big Chiv” it’s made very clear that Alan is a fiercely patriotic Scot so it would have been difficult for him not to attend and accept his award. He appeared deeply moved, calling it quite rightly “the best night of his life in sport” and those in the audience would no doubt be astounded about the goal scoring feats that Craig Brown talked of in the European Cup. Click here and scroll down to see induction speech and interview

But to get him back to White Hart Lane? I have made suggestions along these lines, mainly in ignorance of his circumstances but knowing that he is so well respected that if he were down on his luck it may be a boost to him. Having learned differently by reading the book I wouldn’t want to force Gillie back into the spotlight or to force him to come face to face with his ex-colleagues if he wanted to avoid it.

But still I feel that all parties, and I include the club in this, might benefit in some small way by dealing with this Hall of Fame thing. With them out its discredited in my mind so that has to be put right but the G Men also need to accept their rightful places within that group.

I say this as we look towards building a new stadium and leaving behind their spiritual home. Walking away from the ground last Saturday it looks like some work is already ongoing behind the street façade. In the summer I visited the Camp Nou’s fantastic visitor centre and museum. Spurs have the opportunity to do something like this but if they do everyone has to be inside the tent. You cannot have the record scorer and best striker the south – if not the country –  has produced and the best header of a ball from north of the border out in the cold.

If that is the case then can a compromise not be sought? Anything is possible if communication takes place. For all we know this might be ongoing and I really hope it is.

One solution is to invite them to a game as guests of honour and make the Hall of Fame inductions at half time. In this way the club earn no extra money, the G Men are seated in the directors box and away from the limelight a little and 36,100 have the opportunity to buy a drink or watch the induction. Here everyone wins or gives the smallest amount of ground to achieve the result everybody wants – particularly us fans! 

This is no wheeling out of ancient exhibits, as Jim described it in the People, it’s two guys who were brilliant at their jobs being allowed to return to their stage for that fleeting moment to feel the warmth they once enjoyed and then to slip away never to be seen again. But if they enjoy it more than they thought they can always come visit their extended family again – I’m sure we won’t mind! 

For me Inter Milan would have been a good game but JG has a date that night so the Wolves programme told us but what about Manchester United or Arsenal or the Chelsea games? Manchester United feels right for the 5-1 victory and the roles they played in that game but those of you who saw them play a lot could probably suggest a whole host of opponents when the cameras were not present! Click here to see highlights of the 5-1 and Greavsie’s superlative effort

But really, my question to you is Can Spurs really call it a Tottenham Hotspur Hall of Fame without Jimmy Greaves and Alan Gilzean included in it? If you tell me they can and I’m wrong it will be my last words on the subject. Vote below.

Is Spurs Hall of Fame discredited without Greaves and Gilzean?