Berbatov or Drogba – Would they work at Spurs?

Yesterday’s game showed once again us struggling to break down the opposition’s defence resulting in another disappointing draw. At the start of the season I felt that our attackers were good enough and it was down to the number of chances provided to them. 

By mid term I was waiting to see JD play with Van Der Vaart following his injury and then suspension having suffered with Pav and preferring Crouch. Today my thoughts suggest that we need someone who can win the ball in the air and is quicker at reacting on the deck than Crouch so that we can press home some advantage. 

During our journey home the discussion inevitably came up once more. Those of you who do Twitter will know that I would like to see Berbatov back though G is not sure that returning to a former club really works. For me he was a super striker and we have certainly missed him. Having spent over £30 million pounds on the man Sir Alex has clearly decided that he is not the man for the big game preferring to go with Rooney and Hernandez instead. Yet he still has lots of goals.

We also discussed Drogba if the end of the road has been reached at Stamford Bridge. Young Mac suggests that his wage demands are too high for Spurs and that Fenerbache are the only side willing to pay his current £120,000 a week. 

I’m not so sure. He is 33 and will want to continue at the highest level for as long as possible. Is that in England or Turkey? If Chelsea do show him the door the chance to show Abramhovic his mistake by pushing a local rival into the top 4 may appeal and sometimes this is worth more than money. 

There will be a host of strikers across the globe who we will be told also fit the bill but the most important thing is the ability to fit in right away to the pace of the Premier League. If we want to push on we must be challenging for a top three place so being quick out of the blocks will be important. Whilst neither Berbatov or Drogba can guarantee this they do offer the opportunity.

The issue with Drogba is his age. At 33 how many seasons does he have left in him playing week in week out? Therefore he might help us back into the Champions League but would he be around to help us in the competition?

Berbatov is younger at 30 and therefore represents a better option in my book. I believe him to be a better all round player than Crouch, Defoe or Pav and whilst they have got us to the last 8 of the Champions League I think a team with Berba in it would be able to match that.

Price wise he is likely to cost double the money but with that goes maybe five years playing time over two. It may come down to how the existing squad feel about a return. It has been said, by many including Martin Jol, that Berba wanted away a whole season before he went. Many former team mates are still at the club and that might mean some negativity towards his return even if he has learned that he was better off at Spurs in the first place.

With Drogba the only negativity might be from defenders who have suffered at his hands and they would surely welcome that on the opposition defence during games.

These stories may only be paper talk but they are gathering pace particularly on the Berbatov front and we know that Sir Alex would like to add Bale to his left flank. None of us wanted such a deal but we all agreed if we were able to sign either of them our goal tally would improve and that is all important as we look forward.         

9 responses to “Berbatov or Drogba – Would they work at Spurs?

  1. Wouldn’t Berbatov be depressed coming back to Tottenham? He was so determined to go to United. There’s a risk he would be half the player.

  2. Could be magic, though. We didn’t need Rafa. We needed a striker, we all knew it. Bale, Modric, Huddlestone and Lennon was fine. Berbatov and Crouch would be something up front.

  3. This is a bloke who effectively went on strike and refused to play for the club.
    He’s still got great skill, but his languid style only works well for a team when winning, but not when chasing. Ferguson know this.
    Obviously much better than all our current strikers combined, but I’d steer well clear – his attitude stank when he left, what would it be like if he came back?

    I would have said yes to Drogba this year or last, but he’s another one who will see us as a massive step down (especially in dough).

    We need someone young and hungry to prove themselves not another team’s old cast off.

    • Best of both worlds?

      Keep Defo/Crouch or both. Sell Pav and Kean (plus maybe 1 of Defo and Crouch if we get a good offer), sign Berbatov and Wickham from Ipswich.


  4. Up to a year ago I would have said “No” to any return of Berbatov to WHL. After a season of watching our toothless trio of strikers failing to score time and again, while mainly as a result we have dropped out of the top four, and while watching Berb play near his top form at Manure, I’d welcome the prodigious prodigal son back with open arms.

    Spurs are a different club from the one he left. Maybe we’d both have to eat a little crow on his return to the Lane, but if Spurs supporters and Berb himself realize it is for the best there’ll be no attitude problems.

  5. I would prefer to by Drogba and also Lukaku as replacement. Drogba would be an instant impact giving lukaku the time to learn the pace and learn from drogba a similar build and type of player

  6. SpurredoninDublin

    I don’t doubt that Berbatov would turn it on for us if he were to return, but I can’t forget the way that he and Keane spat out their dummies when the chances to go to Manure and Bindippers presented itself.

    In the case of Keane, we took him back and ever since then, he has hung around like a bad smell that you just can get rid of.

    I have what I call my A******* list of players that I would not want to see in this club. These are usually people you know will in due course disgrace the club, Barton, Bowyer, Rooney and those who have acted disgracefully towards the club, like Berbatov, Campbell, Wiltsher etc.

    Are we that desperate that we would swallow our pride to take him back?

  7. wouldnot go for is trouble and the other is too old.also wage demands are out of our league.better to go for top ranked s. american they are the cats whiskers.full skills and priced at a fair amount.after sandro we must look for some more bargains.also would be happy for defoe to go.hes occupied a major position because there is nobody else at the club.his inclusion is not justified.

  8. SouthEastSpurs

    I wouldn’t want to see either player back. Their qualities are undeniably top notch but at the same time would destroy the dressing room. You want players who are fired up, willing to give it their all and able to spur others, which neither player would do. We all remember Berbatovs sulks and lack of enthusiasm. Drogba would defiantly see it as a step down and would parade around giving it the big “I am” demanding this that and the other. With a young squad of players either signing could do serious damage to rest of the squad.
    Its obvious we need to do something with our striker situation, but I don’t think this is the solution and having a player like Van Der Vaart (who I believe to be a better version of Berbatov) means player a lone striker or dropping a midfield player. I do honestly think that we have a great strike force at the moment but they just need a good kick up the ass. I think Pav could be a great player but needs the time on the pitch. Defoe has the ability but for some reason or another just hasn’t done well enough this season. Crouch is a one trick pony but somehow manages to score important goals for us. Give them until January then look elsewhere if need be.

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