Stout defending keeps us out: Tottenham 0 West Ham 0

12.30 and 17.30 games have a habit of being difficult to create atmosphere for the home team but it had little effect on the team yesterday. Our first half performance was a delight as we moved the ball around really well and peppered the West Ham goal with shots. Our only disappointment was a couple of stray passes from Corluka when Lennon was in good position to take further advantage and Defoe failing to take advantage of Lennon’s shot as it came back off the post.

We started well and Dawson was unlucky when he curled a shot towards the top corner only to see it come back off the bar before Defoe was unlucky to flick a shot just wide of the post from Bale’s low cross. Modric and Van Der Vaart were running the show in the centre despite stout resistance from Parker and other West Ham midfielders and the game was free flowing. 

As a consequence it was difficult to find room at the edge of or in the box to create straightforward chances so we were restricted to more speculative efforts, two from Modric and one from Lennon that went across the goal and just wide and a sharp effort from Van Der Vaart from a corner that was just wide. We also had a couple of free kicks but both were tame efforts and easily saved by Green.

Yet it wasn’t all one way traffic. Cole had two opportunities to open West Ham’s account firing tamely allowing Gomes to save and then lobbing over when he was played in between Gallas and Dawson once more. We also had Mike Dean trying to make an impression when asking Gareth Bale to leave the field to change his under armour. 

We’ve all heard of the rule about the same colour being worn and from Paxton Road it was impossible to see that they weren’t right. Yet once he was off the field the shorts came off to reveal dark under armour before they came off to reveal the white pair. Having changed Dean would then not allow him to return to the field until the ball went out which it did when Van Der Vaart put it out. 

Dean also displayed some strange decisions in the second half when Sandro was injured. The ball had gone out and Bale indicated he would throw it to Ekotto who would launch it back towards Green. Not good enough. The ball had to be placed in field so that a kick could ensue producing the same result. Similarly when Parker went for a challenge and ended up hitting the hoarding the game was brought to a halt for treatment despite the fact the injury took place off the pitch and the player remained off the pitch. Yes it was a tough knock and maybe considered a head injury but it looked like Parker was to be welcomed back on before the re-start.

In the second half West Ham’s determined resistance continued and was maybe better as our play lacked some of the fluidity that it had in the first period. They also looked sharp on the counter attack and Gomes was called upon to make some important saves none more so than from Ba when the ball was going in before he tipped it around the post. 

Green too was in top form saving from Defoe at close range when the striker should have been able to bury the opportunity. He also was called into action after Pav had replaced Van Der Vaart on a couple of occasions but kept his best for last when tipping onto the bar Bale’s free kick as the game reached is conclusion. 

So another game with a multitude of chances producing us nothing on the scoreboard but a point to the tally after a clean sheet. On another day this could have been a handsome home win but not yesterday. Yet again stout and determined defending proved our undoing in an extremely entertaining game. Sometimes a less interesting encounter and three points might be more welcome but at least we got a point for it looked like one of those days when a slip might hand them all to our opponent.

Could we have done better? Certainly Defoe would have wished to secure his 100thgoal and could easily have done so. Had he a better left foot he would have also had more chances as on occasions he lost the opportunity trying to force it right to let loose a shot. Yet I had wanted to see him start and was not disappointed that he got a full 90 minutes. Van Der Vaart also played very deep for much of his 70 minutes on the field and had Crouch started with him would not have been in range to convert any assists. 

Elsewhere Bale had an early run but in the second half seemed maybe a little short of match fitness during the second half. Maybe it was a lack of underclothing!

So as in previous weeks we are relying in the performance of others to keep our hopes of fourth spot alive. Recent performances against those drawn into the relegation battle have proved more favourable to them rather than us and we may live to regret this. 2 points out of 9 is not what we wanted but it is difficult to knock yesterday’s performance too much.     

7 responses to “Stout defending keeps us out: Tottenham 0 West Ham 0

  1. It wasn’t stout defending. It was piss poor finishing.

    • I will agree we could do better but West Ham restricted us well by battling for their lives and we should give credit where it is due

  2. Well here we go again another bottom team getting out of the dreaded three with the Help of Spurs. We are no strangers to this because Wigan and West Ham have also benefited this year has have Wolves Wolves Blackpool. I have come on here many times and told you Mac B what’s going on the biggest signing teams have done this year is Mr Energy Liverpool have just won at Sunderland and Jamie Redknaap said it all they have great energy well you will be amazed to learn they have but it not real and this is why we struggle to beat these teams and star in Europe. It was Liverpool’s famous second half comeback which alerted Ufa about energy drugs and they announced all teams will be tested outside of competition when they have qualified for Ufa comps. We are fall into this testing and these desperate teams now this and there tempo rises dramatically blocks saves closing down are mind blowing saves are all in evidence in our game the Arsenal game and the Sunderland Game .To see what this defending does for you take a look at Carraghers interview on Sky he his knackered and bright red so his is team mates . This is called by to much running and the read is overheating Toure and the Hamliton player Paddy Kenny have all bean tested for energy drugs Liverpool where reported for Ephedrine two seasons ago they where dubbed the Duracell Bunnies now they are out of Eourope they are energised again and we better take note. Yesterday i tuned into the Barcelona game to see if they played like they did against Arsenal and the commentators where saying we never talk about there work rate off the ball is staggering. I had already mentioned this on another blog after seeing sines of energy abuse in the Arsenal game they chased in packs to win the ball with no thought of tiring they passed the ball over 600 times and had 62 percent of the ball staggering states. Just imagine my surprise when i put news now on and one headline read Barca are upset by drug rumours and dodgy Doctors. So Mac B i have told you now who started my rant on energy drugs two seasons ago and since then we have had record deaths record shocks Paddy Kenny Caddamateri The Hamilton players Toure Mutu in Italy two Dynamo Moscow players in the UFA against Utd they drew 3-3 and where winning 3-1 at half time. These players only tell a bit of the tale because whole teams are using these drugs to gain points and we need to either we join in or get it stopped or we will lose out to cheats and there is one behind us and a few in front Toure is testament to that.

  3. Ashley Collie

    Looking back from the future, we may well say of ‘Arry’s reign, those were the good old days. ‘Arry, often refreshingly honest says: “I think we have got a title in us at this club. But I don’t think about finishing in the top four too much, really. “I don’t go to sleep worrying about it, thinking ‘I’ve got to get in the Champions League because Tottenham are always in it every year!’ Yeah, Tottenham always used to finish above Man United, Chelsea and Liverpool … they get in every year. I have come here and f***ed up their team! If we finish fifth and reach the Champions League quarter-finals … what can you do? I will not lose any sleep over it. Whether other people who don’t know football are satisfied, I don’t know. Are we really supposed to finish above Man City, after the money they have spent? And Chelsea, Arsenal, Man United…? I think I can win the title with Tottenham but I can’t put a time-frame on it.”

  4. Inability of the strikers (primary) and the midfield players (secondly), poor performance of the two best players of the team this season and improper play (Spurs should start implementing the modern “first-time pass” play which allows a team to move forward with more pace while the opposing team has less time to organize its defence) were the three main reasons of not winning yesterday’s game (as well some other games this season).

  5. The what loan x. We did break with speed the problem so did West Ham’,s defenders, who got man of the match Bridge there defence was in sixth gear for 90 plus mins read my blog spelling mistakes and all above and it will tell you how they stopped us scoring . This tempo is not just confined to West Ham our next league opponents also have this sixth gear when they have the word desperation for points Wigan . Bridge comes from City they have the first Premiership player failing a drugs test on energy giving drugs . I can spot this drug by observing a team and trust me i did and when sky interviewed them after the game it only confirmed both ******and Liverpool’s ********* had the sines i. The north west where i live is full of this sixth gear even in Amateur sport.

  6. davspours you iudiot

    go and run around for 90 minutes in the sunshine without doing drugs

    I’ll guarantee you’ll be red and sweatuing too

    ha haha

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