Well done Helen on your half time protest

Two things impressed me this afternoon outside of the football match against Manchester United. I was handed a flier for “In Search of Alan Gilzean” as I walked down the High Road which I gratefully accepted informing the Scotsman handing it out that it is a very good book as we passed each other.

Then at half time the We Are N17 protest moved to the next level when a person – Helen according to Twitter – climbed up on the window ledge of the television box on the corner of Park Lane and the Shelf sides of the ground to unfurl a “Say No to Stratford” banner and hold it against the window where hopefully the Sky cameras picked it up.  

Whether it went out during the half time break or will appear on Sky Sports News later Helen must be commended for having the guts to climb up onto that ledge. I understand that she was ejected from the ground but will not be banned from the Stadium. Like many Helen clearly feels strongly enough about our proposed move to take such action and might have faced a lengthy ban for her beliefs. 

If you want to sign the petition to support Tottenham Hotspur remaining in Tottenham please click the Stratford logo to visit the online petition.

73 responses to “Well done Helen on your half time protest

  1. The name ‘Helen’ is Greek for ”The Bright One” or ”Light”. One of those two.
    So well done Helen for shedding light on this awful situation.


  2. My priority is supporting the future success and financial viability of Tottenham Hotspur, the Club I love, not the future success and financial viability of Tottenham High Road. If Tottenham don’t win the Olympic Park bid and take advantage of it, then it will not in any event proceed with the Northumberland Park Development, because that scheme has been rendered financially unviable by the bloood-sucking exploits of CABE, English Heritage, The Victorian Society and Haringey Council, assisted by David Lammy. The choice is a wonderful new stadium on the Olympic Park site, or raising the capacity of White Hart Lane to about 40,000, plus waving goodbye to the likes of Bale, Van Der Vaart and Modric. Be very careful what you wish for.

    • I really agree with this posting, I have been a Spurs supporter for 55 years, my heart beats Spurs, I just love Spurs, I have been supporting staying at WHL, but if we want Spurs to compete with the top clubs in Europe and the EPL then we need to accept the Olympic Stadion plan. I have been talking to so many Spurs supporters, only a handful still does not agree leaving WHL, but the wast majority now are in favour of moving, lets all unite behind the plan to get the Olympic Stadium so that WHU do not succeed to corner us in this important time of the history of our beloved club.

      • At last some Levity – on this issue. I’m not a model supporter, rarely getting to WHL from my midlands home more than 2 or 3 times a season, but I’ve supported Spurs for more than 40 years.
        For one season only, so far, we’ve returned to the elite level, genuinely competing with Man U., Arsenal et al for the first time in a generation. This is not sustainable on gates of less than 50,000.
        We are attracting more fans who like me live outside Tottenham but care just as passionately about our club. Our ability to join local supporters in investing in the future success of Spurs by paying for tickets or even getting to the ground, is genuinely difficult. The WHL development will cost £450 million with no real transport infrastructure improvement. The Olympic Stadium offers easy access to all, 60,000 rather 56,000 seats and costs at least £150 million less. Whether Levy & co wish to sell the club or not, £450 million, is terrifying debt burden.

    • We’ve got a ringer!

      True fans want to stay at the Lane. Fact.

    • Well said that man.
      Move with the times people.
      Let’s face it, Tottenham is a s**thole nowadays anyway.
      Most Spurs fans do not live there and live in the surrounding counties – Essex ! Stratford is a lot easier to get to.
      Embrace the Olympic bid.

      • Actually stratford is a pain to get to from anywhere in north london.the DLR is shit. So pipe down.

  3. still, managed to get a pint out with my mates after she was taken out. Hell to pay when I get home though. COYS.

  4. Well done is this the famous Horny Hellen or an imposter we will have to investigate. There is rumours H.H is a man please find out with her having 69 on her shirt she is priceless She is better than 77 who has done rock all only get Bale to ask Rooney for is Utd Top .

  5. Disgusting.

  6. Great stuff. Well done to Helen. Proud of her. North London is ours !

  7. Well done helen!

    And go away john – clearly posting on behalf of the club, yawn……

    Keep trying to infiltrate blogs mike lee and keith mills – but the real most vocal and loyal yids spoke today. the park lane and shelf made their voices known – carry on with this and things will very very quickly get drastically worse for you.

    knock WHL down and fail to rebuild there and we might just come down your street and start knocking your houses down.

    DONT push us cos we are seriously pissed and no posting pretending to be spurs to sway opinion is going to help you in anyway at all – we know our beliefs and today they just grew ten fold.


  8. The move of just 5 miles makes sense for the future of the club. We won’t have to change our name, Tottenham is a global brand more associated with our club than one of the most run down districts in London.


    • I have read this article. The Arsenal turnover is likely to be inflated through property sales which is ignored. It also ignores the costs Londoners will pay to build a stadium for Spurs to knock it down after it being used for only two weeks. That must be an inexcusable conclusion to a promise made to get the Olympics in the first place.

      • Spurredonindublin

        I don’t know if you recall, but China got the Olympics by promising to improve human rights and never did. By comparison, trashing a world class stadium that if it is kept for athletics, might be half filled once a year after the 2012 seems trivial.

        Realistically, it makes little sense to save the OS. White City used to be the home of athletics, and they had trouble getting a decent crowd for greyhound racing eventually. However, if we were in contention for the World, European and Commonwealth games in the next few years, I would say keep it.

    • BS. Ask anyone AT the Lane what their views are and I guarantee 90% think its a disgusting move, to go to Leyton, West Ham territory.

      Not only that but we would be doing exactly what the gunners did in moving from woolwich – i.e invading another clubs patch. Genuine supporters know what that means.

      Anyone who supports moving to Stratford, is either a fan of another club waiting to laugh at us, a board member planting nonsense on the web, or a fan from outside of London.

      • I’m a season ticket holder and I’m not against the move to Stratford. No-one *wants* to move but most of the more level-headed supporters realise that N17 is no longer a viable option. The transport links barely cope with 36,000 people, let alone 55,000+.

        How many fans even live in Tottenham these days?

    • this sounds like something a proper spurs fan would say. yeah right.

  9. Nice to hear about the ‘fan’ ‘:-)’ who dislikes people with opposing opinions and threatens violence. Don’t risk your job at Tesco, mate. Those shelves need to be full.

  10. Well said John. Apparently there was only 500 people at the no to stratford protest so looks like these diehards couldn’t even stand a bit of rain….

  11. I was in south stand lower turned round and there she is spider-girl, should have seen the amount & police that surrounded her you would have thought Osama had parachuted into the lane by the way they went on, must say from that point the fans to the left right & above started to give her a song of encouragement for her heroics, what I don’t get is though there was about 4 camera men below that did nothing, maybe it was a Jedi mind trick that did it but she sure as hell brightened up my day, go on girl !!!

  12. I want whats best for my family Tottenham Hotspur and right now thats a move to Stratford, i would rather see the 200m we save invested in the team and the club not bow to saving Tottenham. Tottenham is a shit-hole and the only way to improve it is by improving transport links, no one has help us improve the area so why should we stay! Lammy is using us for his own gain why are we surprised by thre Stratford bid? we were looking at Wembley years ago because of transport problems.none of this is new and if your against it your against progess for THFC,its shit but look at the bigger picture and the scum, we couldnt sign another Modric

  13. Well obviously those who’ve protested have taken into account the wider picture?, but never mind eh she’s got her name on the headlines, which is after all what the purpose is. I guess those who’ve protested are in the backpockets of Haringey Council and the shopkeepers of Tottenham High road, if the same can be said of us who want Spurs to progress and move onto better things, like most of the Tottenham supporters have done over the past two generations or so?

  14. This is a tough one. Emotionally everyone would like to stay at the Lane. But if you take emotion out, and think about what makes sense, the move to the Olympic stadium does. The redevelopment of WHL seems incredibly risky and expensive, with little government support. As someone above said, be careful what you wish for.

  15. How the hell can you praise this women ? it was a reckless act where she could have hurt herself or worse others.

    Would you have been singing her praises if she fell ? IMHO it has done more to harm your cause

  16. Say No to Stratford by all means!!! by doing this regardless of the circumstances you will also be saying no to being able to compete financially with more than half of the Prem!!! every Spurs fan would like the proposed redevelopment of WHL, but do we really want to be queueing just to be able to walk onto the high street like they do at the emirates??? Stratford in the words of Harry, is a “no brainer” a State of the art football stadium at a fit for purpose site!!! our tradition and history would not change, our future might just though!!!!

  17. The lane has been an amazing stadium,but if it means we can sustain our levels of improvement then stratford is the only way.We can all talk about how much we wouldnt like it,but the truth is we all want to see spurs keep our best players,and compete at the top.It hurts but i dont want to stay if it means we have to go back to mid table again with a team half full of average players.

  18. Malcolm Turner

    500 out of 36000 not much support then!
    5,000 web protests out of millions not much support then!

    I suppose protests are fun, rebellious. and cool, but wake up and smell the coffee!

    Still, I suppose when “Tottenham Hotspur” move upwards to Queen Elizabeth Park. all the protesters will come sliding back, but enjoy your protests for the moment. It’s great publicity for the move!

    Oh, by the way, It looks like we do provide a legacy Athletics, London and East London. The tax payers are not keen on stumping up for West Ham

  19. I really think the people who want to stay in Tottenham are being very small minded. The benefits of moving by far outweigh the negatives. Grow up and show your love and emotion for the club by seeing it progress.

  20. to dan levy,fenners and uncle tom cobbly and all
    This is about a football club and OUR heritage dont give crap about finiancial stability was we not told money was already in place ,english heritage and the rest is a smoke screen about 10mill peanuts to spurs
    tottenham pr came out with it would be nice next to the Wharf for our corporate hostpitality dont know whos worst Lammy,Spurs pr or the rest
    Seems some of you a part time or just wind ups
    I have been a spur 52yrs its my second home my not be a nice one but it is home yes it is a dump but its our dump and and yes i can get out easy within 10mins unless you are arse wipes lke Talksport with corporate and havnt got a clue like Kelly how to get out
    the 350mill is a loan like any loan weather its 250 or 350 has to be paid can be spead over 5-10-15 yrs interest would get tax relief
    You lot that want to move fine but dont take the piss out of other spurs supporters and believe me i am truely pissed!!

    • Sorry heritage is history and history means it’s yesterday, I’m forward thinking and have never seen us challenge for a title and nor will I if I shared your views. I want to see kids wearing Spurs shirts because we’re up there and not some mediocre outfit who has let their best players go because we cannot sustain quality without resources. I want to arrive and depart in safety and at speed not burn fuel looking at the rear of another vehicle for hours. You harp on about heritage, well it doesn’t win sliver wear and compete with the elite. No one I know wants us to leave the lane, but we will in some shape or form, so if it saves us 200-250 million, it makes sense, at least offer a better perspective that will of benefit to all anything except heritage that is?

  21. ps
    there wasnt 500 protesting inside the ground was there smartarse

  22. I can understand wanting to stay in N17, I really do it has been home to Spurs for over 100 years and the history that has been played on the turf there is immense. Truth is we have outgrown the ground and need a bigger one, in order to do this we should not risk the future of our club just because Harringey Council, English heritage and others put a gun to our heads to redevelop the whole borough and to save a couple of decrepit buildings, thus rendering it an unviable project. As for those in favour of stagnating, they may feel differently if they are on the waiting list for season tickets, progress has always come at a price 5 miles accross London, if you dont want to come i am sure they would still find 60,000 people to come.

  23. I totaly understand the feelings about moving from WHL . My family have been Spurs supporters back to my great grandfather. I am also aware that if Spurs move to Stratford that the club will be sold to some Chinese consortium. We will be able to compete with the best in the world but I wont be able to get a bag of chips from the chippie at Northumberland Park. I wont be able to listen to the nutters in the Olive Branch and ill probably have to have a pint and a steak and chips in a franchised restraunt.

    We need to have turnover or we wont be able to compete when the new rules come in so unfortunatly there is little choice but to go to Stratford . Its that or spend 200 million more for something that has “History” . I dont think we are going to get Stratford anyway if Im honest . So I expect Levy to sell the club in the next couple years and we will go back to being 14th . At least we will have our legacy and Ill have my bag of chips.

  24. colin (old timer )

    As a fan of ”SPURS”for over 50yrs. It would be great to stay at The Lane in a wonderful new stadium. But who is there offering the club financial help…No one, there’s a lot of tub thumping and this m.p. who offers nothing but threats and talk. but nothing else,its time we realized that there is only so much money the club can put up and the costs are not going down. We want to be a top club worldwide and be always in with a shout of winning champions league,premiership.the answer is take this great Club is unfortunately …THE OLYMPIC STADIUM…

  25. Everything that could be said about the pro’s and con’s of staying in Tottenham vs moving to Stratford have been well documented in this blog alone. As an ardent Spurs fan myself (for 25 years) I strongly feel that moving to Stratford is the best move for all. Clearly, it’s a crying shame that we have to lose the core of our heritage (leaving Tottenham, and all that History) but as another poster said. The benefits massively outweigh the sacrificial loss of the “geographic heritage”. A spanking new Olympic site is there for the taking, allowing Spurs to become one of the biggest clubs in England (if not Europe). Where WHL is demolishes a greater, more powerful Spurs will rise from the ashes like a phoenix (albeit in another location). This will encourage players like VDV, Bale and Modric to stay whilst encouraging world-class players to join us. Do you really think the loss of players, revenue, corporate hospitality, attendances (due to poor transport links) can really be classed as reasoned arguments to remain in N17 ? No, so therefore I think *true* Spurs fans should wake up and realise that a big loss in one department (loss of geographic heritage) is worth it for the greater gain for future generations of Tottenham Hotspur. Peace out fellow Yids.

  26. spur1950

    You have your view and others have theirs is not taking the piss it is everyone right to have a view be it right or wrong

    Me i would rather stay at the lane HOWEVER if we have to move then so be it i am ok with that.

    In Levy we are no talking about someone who has just come to the club and is looking to score a massive profit he has put his money where is mouth is and backed each manager with funds and if he feels this is the best way forward for Tottenham then in my view we should all back him.

    P.s i can sit next to you so you can show me how to be away from Spurs in 10 mins without leaving 20 mins before the end

  27. I may be only 16 years of age, and not know too much about the history of Tottenham Hotpur too well but I’m in favour of the ‘we are N17’ protest. I am a proud proud supporter of my club that I have support all my life. I live a 15 minute train ride from the Lane. Also, I think that all these Spurs fans saying how much of a ‘shit hole’ the spurs area is, stop worrying about what the area looks like. As long as spurs are performing and being one of the best teams in the world I really don’t think the local chippie comes into play.

  28. “Well done Helen” is one way to put it.
    Another way is to assume that when Spurs are forced into selling their players/raise the ticket prices due to the huge sums bled out of them from the local council, Helen will be funding it herself.

    Sit down Helen, you’re embarrassing us!

  29. Unfortunately, we seem to be missing the point of modern football.

    I was on holiday during the “window” in which I could buy my Inter Milan ticket. In the most heart wrenching moment of my time as a Spurs fan, I returned home to discover this. Ten years as a season ticket holder, and the pinnacle thus far was to be missed.

    The “window”, I believe, encompasses the development in the game. I spend £600ish on a season ticket. I’m then told that I need to buy my Champions League ticket, at another £60ish within a window. Because if I don’t buy the ticket, there’s a queue of thousands that will. Thus, my custom as a fan is completely replaceable and easily disposable – the arse that is in my seat is irrelevant, as long as their is an arse in it.

    Fact is, I don’t remember the last time I went to a Spurs game that wasn’t sold out or near enough. The economics of a football club mean that us, the fans who prioritise money for our tickets, rather than have it to blow, are treated with no more respect than a Japanese tourist in London for a weekend that fancies going to Spurs because Toda used to play for us! Loyalty points, gold/silver memberships and all that malarky are a mask to con us in to believing we are held in as high regard as any Joe Public willing to pay to go.

    And the fact is, that if we move to Stratford, many complaining now will still go, many more season tickets will be sold, and people will still be encountering difficulties with getting hold of tickets. Unfortunately, the game has become more about balance sheets than who can sing the loudest. And we’re going to be another victim of it, and as much as it pains me to imagine not going to WHL on a weekend, I’m preparing myself for this eventuality. They respect us no more than every other Tom, Dick and Harry waiting to jump in to my seat – I’ve felt this way for a long time, and have no doubt we’ll end up in Stratford.

    • I know exactly how you feel. Why was there no extra day for Champions League Group Fixtures is something I cannot understand. Football is down to “we’ve always done it this way” which at todays prices is unacceptable.

  30. Everyone is entitled to an opinion whether others think it is wrong or not. However i am yet to see a valid argument for staying at WHL, to say it is about our history and heritage is not a valid point. History is the past, it is the memories we have of great nights of european football, of classic cup matches and derby games. I’ve supported Tottenahm for some 30 years now and have seen the stadium change dramatically. If you look around you will see the the stadium is old and dated, and a new stadium is the only way forward. Like most i would like to stay at WHL, but at what cost?
    Everyone wants to see the team grow, and compete at the highest levels, but is that really going to happen if the club have to spend £450m on a stadium compared to £200m,. To say heritage and history is more important than financial stability is ridiculous. 20 years ago this may well have been the case but nowadays football is more about money than the fans. Whats the point of having a 60,000 seater stadium if you don’t have the star players to fill it? If you were given the choice of watching the current squad of players in a stadium 5 miles from WHL competeing for the title and CL, or one in a new stadium in WHL playing for the chance of european football and a cup which would you rather? Don’t get me wrong if we could keep the same squad and add one or two players a season and stay at WHL i’d be happy, but with a £250m difference in costs i’m not sure that could be achieved. People don’t like change, but sometimes it’s for the best, and those of you that don’t follow the team should they move to Stratford, I’ve know doubt there are many thousands who would glady take your season ticket to watch the mighty Spurs write another chapter in our glorious history……

  31. Its Stratford or bust chaps and chappettes. Seriously. Those of you campaigning to stay, Think long and hard about what you’re doing. I was born in Tottenham and have supported the club all my life. I go as often as I can now so please don’t give me this armchair / glory supporter cr*p. A £200m saving is not a trivial amount of money. At todays rates thats 4 to 5 seasons of decent transfers coming in! It’s like you’d prefer to see us go back to the bad old days of being lucky to finish just above mid table, rather than progress and potentially compete right at the top… just so you can continue “enjoying” your pint in some local 5hithole (Coach and Horses, I’m looking at you!) on the Tottenham high Road after losing to Arsenal yet again.

  32. Yidoluke , good for you mate, at 16 you can be full of idealism and I would not expect or indeed wish for anything else for our youngsters . Unfortunatly idealism achieves nothing which of course you will learn all to soon Im afraid to say.

    But its good to see we have youngsters with a passion for our history . Remeber history is held in your heart and with your fellow supporters down the pub where ever that is .

    And the chippie has everything to do with it . They are the best chips on the planet and I shall miss them if we move .

  33. Im starting to think Spurs need Stratford, Arsenal can have north London, its a s**t’ole

  34. Oi I was born in north london … Oh yeah ok fair enough

  35. The quality of the debate on this site would put most other clubs to shame. It is a pity that some have resorted to threats of physical violence (perhaps they would be better supporting West Ham with like minded types) but the majority of comments can see the other side’s point of view. We should be proud that Tottenham have outgrown the current ground- the decision now is whether we want to stay as we are (great support, local roots, but resigned to upper mid-table) or have we the ambition to genuinely join football’s elite.
    In a few years time regular european football will be paramount in attracting the best players and best sponsorship (even more than it is now). If we are to compete we need our own Nou Camp, our own Emirates, our own San Siro- and unfortunatley thanks to the muppets in the council, TFL, et al that will not happen in N17. Having supported Spurs for all my 52 years any change is gut-wrenching- but the prospect of Spurs being one of the true elite makes the proposed move worthwhile. History is littered with sports clubs that could not keep up with a changing world- I don’t want Spurs to be the latest of these.

  36. some of these comments on here are bollox. For starters how is North London a shit hole, like East london is a place for kings and queens lol, pull the other one mate. Also we’re not giving the scum north london, north london is ours and hopefully alwasy wll be.

    And now just becasue were moving, a lot of people are talking how irrelevent tottenham is, shithole pubs, it doesnt matter were we started and grew up as a team, its all about the moeny (bit like man city supporters) etc etc. Beofre this so called move never heard fans bad mouth our heritage. To be honest I dont belive half the people with their “I grew up in tottenham” “im round the corner and been watchign them with my dad since I was 6” blah blah. If even half of that wwas true you’d feel more passionate about your club and its “history” which to some of you seems like an irrelavent nuisance people keep bringing up and should sweep this “history” under a rug.

  37. and also even if we did actuallymovr, why does everyone seem to think that is going to guarantee some sort of success, becasue if we move and still fighting for 4/5 place or worse, what would that of proved, but what would we have lost?








  40. There can be NO sentiments in football. We must develop a ground to maintain our current target: top 4 club. We have the smallest ground of top 5 by some 7-ooo fans than Chelski. 15-ooo less than Citeh. 24-000 less than Arsenic. 39-000 less than Manu. You figure out what this will mean in long run

  41. More footage on protests. You can feel this is going to snowball.

    Say no to Stratford

  42. At last! Nice to hear some fans talking sense about Stratford. Yes, I’d love to stay at the Lane but anyone there yesterday who, like me walked down to Seven Sisters and then had to queue to get down, must wonder what the hell will happen with 20000 extra fans! Startford makes sense, the transport just wont cope.
    And as for Mr F&*$@* Lammy and Haringey council they make me sick. They obstruct Tottenham every step of the way and then wonder why we just might piss off. It’s like a husband who beats his wife then wonders why she walks away. Haringey have never supported Spurs, Lammy has never supported Spurs and London Transport just take the piss.
    I love the Lane but Stratford makes sense. COYS!

  43. Very difficut one. as Harry says, financially, it is a no-brainer. However, WHL is all I’ve ever known. I can also see the argument regarding heritage/history; Prestn North End, Burnley and Notts Forest all have heritage and history and look at where they are now. I bet if they were given the opportunity to move to a location similar in style to the Olympic Village they would snap it up.

    There are two things that everyone, regardless of opinin need to bear in mind;

    1) We have moved before. Remember Northumberland Park? Tottenham Marshes? If you know your history… We needed to move back then in order to grow. We find ourselves at a similar crossroads now.

    2) Whether we move to Stratford or the NLDP goes ahead, either way, the famous old stadium is still going to be knocked down and paved over. Our real heritage, where our real history was made, is on that small patch of grass at the end of Bill Nicholson Way. That is the real shame in all of this.

    If we really want to keep our heritage with us, then nothing would symbolise this better than by transplanting the old pitch at the ‘New Venue’.

  44. The conclusion that I draw from this is that we all want to save £200M to invest into the team. There cannot be one of us who does not want to do this. Therefore the arguement follows that to keep our charge going we have to move forward to Stratford to keep us competitive.

    So we have two schemes to choose from – if we get permission to look at one of them. Just a cautionary note here, what happens if we get turned down later this month? Does that mean, game over, last one out turn out the lights etc etc. or does it send us back to the drawing board? Our next destination might be much further if they think they can get away with it!

    According to the club it is cheaper to knock down a stadium and rebuild it plus renovate another stadium in another part of the city than building one in our current post code. The suggestion is that local contribution is going to be excessive. Mr Lammy’s office suggest that figure equates to David Bentley’s transfer figure so in footballing terms not excessive.

    The majority of you probably feel that that was also money wasted in hindsight but with all of these contributions they come down if the scheme gets cheaper. That may be so BUT something doesn’t add up to me. How can undertaking all of these changes be that much cheaper? My concern is that we only registered an interest at Stratford so is their going to be more bad news later like we have now about the Tottenham development which was previously “no problem”?

    We have a lot of land surrounding the current stadium that will not fetch much if we decamp. We need to buy more if we want to do the proposed local scheme. Failure may force the Board to revisit the drawing board and look at how with the land we have could we do something maybe cheaper to keep investment for the team. For example move all the office and parking in front of the West Stand to the land behind the Paxton and build out on our existing site.

    The stand opposite the away fans at Old Trafford is done on this basis. Those of you who have been to Newcastle or Man Utd will know that roads run inside the stadium perimeter. Therefore look to go out over Paxton Road and up to the School boundary on Worcester Avenue to increase capacity here with the existing design for the pitch. With the land we have bought up we have the opportunity to do it – but revenue will be lower as the work progresses unless it can be staggered over a period with major works done in the Summer.

    Transport will be a problem but let’s be honest; Is it easy to get away from the O2 or Wembley? Arsenal fans complain about the extra time associated to The Emirates so we have to accept more people will make it more difficult. But again is there not some brown field option that would allow some form of Park and Ride close to the North Circular so that we don’t clog up the High Road so much?

    Having said this is White Hart Lane not a bit like Triggers broom? The Shelf has gone as has the enclosure to provide the new West Stand. The pitch has certainly been relaid, the player’s come out on the half way line rather than the Park Lane penalty area and you can’t watch by climbing up the floodlights to get a look anymore. Whatever it is a very special place and one I was proud to take my Son to when he was old enough to watch a match.

    Yes, Tottenham is in need of regeneration and it is easy for us who live in the leafy suburbs of Herfordshire and Essex to dismiss it in a negative way. It is not our sole responsibility to rebuild it but the Club has recently done a lot to strengthen the community. Our Sunday games show us that there are also plenty of decent people who live there who respect our right to visit for a game parking where we can without complaint.

    This is a debate that will run and run. I want us to stay but I won’t give up if we don’t. I recognise that saving but don’t yet believe the figures. It’s too early to put much confidence into them. What I want is to see FACTS out in the open so that we all understand the ramifications for our dearly beloved club.

    Some of you have knocked Helen for being irresponsible but think of it like this. More people will visit this article than have voted on the N17 petition. A healthy debate has taken place and only a couple of unprintable comments have been withheld. We all want our club to be the best – oh and to have the best chip shop ever – where is it again?

  45. With financial fair play rules coming into force soon you will only be allowed to spend a set proportion of your income. Currently Spurs income is £120 million, Man U £286 million, Arsenal £223 million, then you also have Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City with far greater income than us.
    We simply have to take the cheaper option and sign Beckham in Nov (for commercial reasons) to be able to compete in the transfer market and with wages. We also do not lose revenue when we can’t play at a knocked down WHL. I would love to stay there but the N17 spin the Spurs are just spinning is ill informed. The stadiums do not cost the same to build, one has a supermarket, hotel, Listed buildings and transport to pay for, one doesn’t. Northumberland Park will not be built without Government money (which Arsenal did have, it’s Islington council money they didn’t have) and we arn’t getting any. If it costs £250 million to build at WHL, show us the costs N17 and let us know which construction company will agree to do it for that figure.


    A move to Stratford will be the death knell for THFC.

    Convince yourselves all you like that Stratford Spurs promises glory.

    Even if it did, would it mean anything knowing you sold the club down the road to become a follower of a new East London club with no heart, formed to make businessmen rich once sold?

    Only when the trophies are paraded down Stratford High Street (Do you really think the new club will be welcome in Tottenham?), only then will the shame hit home on how you gave up on THFC for the lure of some quick silverware.

    Don’t believe the lies, the NDP is possible.

  47. David Lammy is a useless politician. The people of Haringey would vote for a donkey if it had a red rosette pinned on it.

    If moving to Stratford means being able to move the club forward to the next level then it can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned.


    Spurs could play on Mars for all i care i WILL still support them no matter what and so far no pro WHL poster has posted anything other than ” our history” bla bla bla.

    As i have said over and over i will be gutted if we leave the lane but if we do it will be another page of our history

  49. David Lammy would come second to a donkey,and i bet the donkey would claim less expenses than Lammy.All politicians are greedy,dishonest self serving arseholes.

  50. Northspur, it will be the final page in THFC’s glorious history and the first page of Franchise Hotspur. Is that what you want?
    The NDP has been approved and can be built.
    What happens if the WHUFC bid is successful. Are you people still going to tell us the NDP isn’t possible? It is possible and the club can look forward to success in its rightful home for many years to come.

  51. … and it’s Tottenham Hotspur, not ‘Hotspurs’.

  52. Pingback: Top Posts — WordPress.com

  53. TMWNN who says it will be the final page ??? to me seems only the people against it.
    What about people like me who goto every game do my views not count as much as yours.
    As said Levy is the man to take the club forward, why don,t you get onto Mr Lammy and ask him to voice concerns as to why Spurs have to pay for bike lanes along Tottenham High road etc etc

    If highlighing a stray “s”makes you feel better go for it

  54. You’re supporting the sale of THFC and its subsequent transformation into a franchise which has no connection with Tottenham.

  55. “You’re supporting the sale of THFC and its subsequent transformation into a franchise which has no connection with Tottenham”

    Rubbish i am supporting my club and the on going inprovements to THFC and if a move away is best for the club then so be it sadly some people wish to put their own views above that of the club

  56. the only 2 things that matter… WE ARE TOTTENHAM… FROM THE LANE

  57. They only matter to people with no outlook in life

    I would rather be watching top football in a top top Stadium than worrying about a song

  58. First of all, if we go to Stratford I will carry on supporting my team / renewing my season ticket. But I’ve signed the petition. For me personally, moving to Stratford doesn’t cross the line in the same way that, say, moving to Milton Keynes would.

    But I completely understand that for lots of supporters, including my dad who grew up in Stamford Hill and for whom the location of the ground is kind of key to why they support Spurs – it does cross the line.

    And thats why I’m against the move. Of course there’s a strong business case for the move, but to whoever said there isn’t room for sentimentality in football – WTF! Even if there isn’t, there should be! There’s more to life than business cases and I’ll personally think its too much of a price to pay to alienate the thousands of fans who will feel alienated by this decision. Yes, even if Gareth Bale leaves us.

    That said – if you disagree with me, I’m not about to accuse you of not being a Spurs fan. We should be able to discuss this without it driving a wedge through our support.

    Here’s my own post on this whole topic

  59. Spurs supporter and season ticketholder since 1976. Strongly supportive of the Stratford move (even though longer journey for us) as clearly in best financial interests of the club and the local Council have offered no support whatsoever over the years.

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