Spurs player ratings against Sunderland

The player ratings are provided by Young Mac (aged 15) who watched the game on a stream. These were the notes on each Spurs player I came home to:

Gomes 7 – Not called upon often. Booked for a definite foul and conceded from a one on one but that’s not really his fault.

Hutton 7 – Some good attacking runs and play with Bentley.

Gallas 7 – Looked solid until his costly mistake with Kaboul that led to the goal.

Kaboul 7 –  Gallas and him both looked solid until the mistake which led to the goal

Ekotto 7 – Defended well and worked well with Bale. May have commited himself a couple of times and got beat.

Bale 7 – No master class from him tonight. But you can’t really expect that every game.  Some good attacking runs.

Modric  7 – Looked good to begin with but towards the end started making sloppy passes.

Huddlestone 7 – Got beat by Welbeck a couple of times and for the goal but sprayed the ball about nicely.

Bentley 6 – Wasn’t impressed with him tonight. His specialty is the cross for a target man to head  goal bound. Pav isn’t this man. Couple of poor shots and a poor free kick from a good  position. Definate penalty when he went down. But when Crouch came on he looked better.

Van der Vaart 8 – Impressive performance. Sprayed the ball about nicely. Scored and had a few chances well saved. Linked up well with Crouch but not so much with Pav. If Van der Vaart plays Crouch has to too.

Pavlyuchenko 6 – Didn’t link up well at all with Van der Vaart. One good bit of play when he turned and shot just wide but that’s about it. Gave the ball away a bit.

Crouch 7 – Linked up well with Van der Vaart when he came on. Got a assist. When he plays. Bentley is the best at putting the high ball in for him.

You can see all the player ratings for those games watched this season in the sidebar at all times or by clicking this link: Player Ratings


4 responses to “Spurs player ratings against Sunderland

  1. Hire Mac for more player ratings or game reports, the lad was fair! Good on you, Mac!

  2. Gareth Bale was not at his best. Too often, he passed across too hastily to no avail when he could have very well, especially with his pace, moved deeper with the ball and give time to his team mates to position themselves properly before passing to them more accurately. Too many of his passes were thus wasted except for one that brought about the goal.

  3. couple of comments

    Pav appeared to start quite brightly but possibly was injured during the first half and disappeared – certainly wasnt running smoothly.

    Bale was well marshalled by their defence leaving huge oen spaces for Bentleywhich he didnt have the pace to exploit.

  4. Agree with the two comments, the markings are generally fair although Bentley deserves more than Bale in my opinion. His link up play with Hutton was good and there seemed more of a threat from the right. Although I accept the goal came from a Bale cross – he was well marshalled and not at his best. Plus this was Bentley’s first game for a long while, I thought he did ok.

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