Benoit holds the key. Tottenham Hotspur V FC Twente preview

We’re building up a decent side in the treatment room at present but at least we now know that Ledley and Billy G were not being rested on Saturday. Groin injuries and in the same training session; Billy with the last kick of the day. How unlucky is that? Nevertheless we are left with bare bones at centre back so Corluka and Bassong are forced to continue. Unlike some of you I thought they were ok and only conceded 1 goal on Saturday but I do agree that Gareth Bale was far more restricted at left back.

A lot of twitter chat on Sunday suggested Walker should have been given his chance but a month’s loan at QPR put paid to that.  As he is not selected for our Champions League squad that argument disappears for the FC Twente game so it’s a straight choice between Bale and Ekotto for the left back birth. It all depends upon the latter’s fitness. If he is fit – and I thought I saw him jogging on Sky Sports News earlier – then Bale can be unleashed, if not Gareth stays in the back line. If Benoit is unfit quite how this impacts upon our attack remains to be seen but it is a home game and we may be able to utilise Bales skills adequately.    

I see Hutton continuing at right back and that provides an opportunity for Harry to decide if Lennon plays or sits on the bench. With the exception of one mazy run at West Ham that opened them up completely he was very quiet and he needs to consider how he can provide a greater impact. If he sits out and Ekotto is unfit it maybe provides a birth for Palacios allowing Jenas to go outside right but if he does JJ must remember that tackling is not optional when opportunities dictate. A fit Ekotto will see Jenas continue with Palacios in the wings.

Huddlestone too is under scrutiny to improve but if selected can sit deeper to provide Modric and Van Der Vaart with a platform to work the Twente defence. With Bale alongside them it could be some workout and with our makeshift defence we might have to go all out attack to ensure the win.

Despite being the invisible man on Saturday I expect Crouch to start up front and I hope we bring him into the game. Crouchy gives us more instant options upfront and can assist our centre backs in defensive set pieces.

If Gomes is fit he plays but assuming that not to be the case I’m hoping to see this line up:


                Hutton          Corluka         Bassong            Ekotto

                                      Jenas            Huddlestone

                       Modric             Van Der Vaart           Bale


Result: if we kick on and put them on the rack I go 3-1.

12 responses to “Benoit holds the key. Tottenham Hotspur V FC Twente preview

  1. Cudicini
    Hutton Huddlestone Bassong Bale
    Van Der Vart Palacios Modric Dosantos
    Keane Pav

    Keane & PAV must be given a chance to form a partnership we need goals to take the pressure off the defence, surely Harry can see that Crouch is not the answer.

  2. Crouch is not good enough but if Keane and Pav are the answer then you have forgotten the question, my friend!

    The problem is that none of them are good enough and that window can’t open quickly enough so that Harry can do what he should have done in the summer and paid up for Fabiano.

  3. Anyone who says Bale should play LB knows little about football and did not watch the West Ham game

    Bale should always play LM and if BAE is injured then one of the youngsters should play LB

  4. Totally agree with the lat comment about Gareth Bale. I know Harry has been in the game a very long time, and is long in the tooth, but how he can ever say that Gareth will go on to be the best left back in the world, when he is ALREADY the best left sided midfielder NOW. What a waste of time even playing him at left back, when that truly is not his best position.

  5. If ledley and gomes are fit this is my team for tonight.
    Corluka king Bassong Bale
    Huddlestone Modric
    Giovani van der vaart kranjcar
    Il play pav instead of crouch although crouchie offers more with his hold up play pav carries a greater goal threat and we might need to bag 3 or 4 tonight to win if ledley and gomes dont play.

  6. Which youngster is stepping in at LB when they are all out on loan? If BAE is injured then Bale is the only option at LB.
    I couldn’t disagree more about Keane as all he seems to do is run around like a headless chicken.
    Crouch up front in Europe is a different prospect from the PL and will hopefully prove fruitful (WHL against Young Boys).
    Corluka at CB scares the bejeesus out of me cos on Sat it looked liked he couldn’t win a header if his life depended on it!!! Still suffering with the back???
    Anyway, I agree with the formation in the article (never thought I would say that about a team that includes JJ but he has done well)

  7. I think I agree with your formation to a certain extent. For sure, I would bench Lennon and bring him on later as an impact sub. Crouch up front is always the best bet in Europe. Let’s see how that turns out.


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