Defensive Challenge: Top 8 picked: Draw made

Thanks to those of you who voted in yesterdays poll and helped select our top 8 picks for the competition. The top 8 are as follows:



Woodgate and King


Dawson and King


Gough and Mabbutt


Roberts and Miller


Mabbutt and Campbell


Ruddock and Mabbutt


England and Beal


Dawson and Bassong


The draw has been made and in the first round we will see the following debates:

Defensive 1 Defensive 2
Dawson and King England And Beal
Woodgate and King Roberts and Miller
Mabbutt and Campbell Dawson and Bassong
Gough and Mabbutt Ruddock and Mabbutt

The first two certainly whet the appetite so look out for our first later this week. If you register as a follower on Twitter or visit News Now you will see when the article posted so that you can vote and add your own comments to the debate.


12 responses to “Defensive Challenge: Top 8 picked: Draw made

  1. Suprised not to see the Naybet – King partnership not in the top eight. I felt that partnership making of King.

    This tricky I’ll have to mull it over for a while and come back to it!

    Great idea Mac, are you going to be following this up with strike partnerships, central midfield etc.

    • Yeah we can do those too and end up with a side!

      The Naybet thing was close, they were ninth. I don’t disagree for the Richards Gardner King idea didn’t help yet I think if Woody was fit we could use it well these days.

  2. Where’s kevin Scott and ramon vega?

  3. Have a feeling your audience don’t remember some of the older pairings. Roberts and Miller scared the crap out of most teams. Be good to see the statistics for these pairings.

  4. I didn’t get to vote 😦

    • Don’t worry the first debate will be posted tonight so you can comment then on the Dawson and King Vs England and Beal match up.

  5. England – Beal
    Woodgate – King
    Mabbutt – C*mpbell
    Gough – Mabbutt

    • Looks solid but you’re just the like the man in charge of the firing squad in Blackadder 4 and rushing to the end – maybe leading….

      It will depend on the ages of those contributing to the debate and voting as to what happens but I hope that all our contenders get supportive comments.

      If your wish comes to fruition the next round looks a bit juicy!

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