Roll up Roll up for the Tottenham Defensive Challenge

They say Sunday is a day for contemplation so I thought I might try something a bit different for a bit of fun over the coming weeks with the Tottenham Defensive Challenge.

As a club we’re not recognised for our defensive prowess. The other lot down the road take more accolades but we have had some decent defensive pairings over the years. What I fancied we could do is vote on the list of pairings to come up with the top 8. Having got to that I’ll make a draw and we then debate the merits of the two competitors before deciding on the winners from the volume of comment and voting support.

Because of the draw the two best pairings might face each other in the first round so we might get a silly final – but is that not what Tottenham defending has sometimes been about! I’ve tried not to put them all in the list as we don’t want those sleepless nights back again!

I was chatting to a couple of older mates yesterday and asking the question about Maurice Norman’s partner only to be told, “ah in the days before 1966 it was a bit different with backs etc etc”. Therefore I’m only going back to England and Beal but you might like to disagree with this.

So for today, we’re only looking your 8 votes on the defensive partnerships listed so that we can move to the draw and get the competition going. Comments on their merits come later, it’s just the votes that we need.

Pick your 8 Spurs Defensive Pairings



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