Talking Tottenham Transfers

As we reach the final weekend of the window we seem to be one of the only clubs doing deals – no real offence to West Ham intended….

I was really pleased over the news that Eidur Gudjohnsen had joined us on loan for the remainder of the season. In all the time G and I have been travelling to games together we’ve discussed potential signings and players who we think may have suited our needs.

I’ve talked about Gudjohnsen, particularly when Pav was struggling to do the business last season because he appeared a bit soppy. Having seen Crouchy go flying off the pitch and nearly down the tunnel on Tuesday you have to admit that he appeals about every challenge that is made on him and we need someone who can add some steel to the attack whilst setting themselves up for a chance or converting one for Keane or Defoe.

He also played midfield for Chelsea so presents other options to the team and maybe some additional challenges on top of Wilson’s armoury.

The Kaboul deal is somewhat different altogether. His first season saw some decent performances spoiled by a late mistake which cost us points. He liked to get up field and scored some goals but only got opportunities in central defence. I fancied he might be a useful option at defensive midfield adding tackles where none existed but it was not to be. He returns maybe to fill both roles and add options and may turn out to be the excellent player we hoped he might be.

I’m seriously worried for Portsmouth this week. If Kaboul’s sale allows them to pay the wages this month how do they get through next month without a window? Then there is the winding up order against them which they have lost an appeal on. Frankly they should pay the VAT man what they believe they owe him rather than worrying about transfers. It would appear that we believe that they are going bust for we may be doing this to protect ourselves from bad debt if they go into administration or worse liquidation. I hope they get out of it but I’m not sure they will.

The goalkeeper is an interesting choice. James seemed to be on his way so Begovic looked likely to continue. Then James is sitting on the bench – I was told he was approaching an appearance bonus – so joining Spurs will see Begovic on the bench at another club. What I want to know is why we make all this fuss over signing Jimmy Walker if all he does is go out on loan?

This seems to be Spurs policy with youngsters. The Bostock row hints at some dissatisfaction. Had he not been signed surely he would be in the Palace first team yet he has dropped down a league lower for some first team experience. Is this the right way to blood talent? Surely Walker should be close to the squad for Begovic is only young himself so immediately Walker becomes surplus to requirements.

Will Pav leave the club? He is now injured so that lessens his chances away from the Lane. Perhaps he will travel in case a miracle cure sets in on route allowing him to do a medical. In honesty unless it is a loan he will be staying for I doubt the valuation will be reached and without games no one will stretch to it in the Summer.

8 responses to “Talking Tottenham Transfers

  1. RIP Portsmouth

    Unlike the big boys, your debt was not overlooked 😦

  2. good article, i agree hoping gudjohnson and kaboul will be excellent signings. the goalkeeper one is bit strange not because of jimmy walker but ben alnwick, cudicini is out long term maybe wont come bck so maybe this guy is our number 2, but alnwick was promising wasnt he?
    i thought jimmy walker was 37???

    • Massive error on the Jimmy Walker front but that suggests he should be even more ready for action. More confused than ever.

      Not sure about Alnwick. I do know we sort of swapped him for Fulop so Sunderland got the better of the deal. He got loaned to Carlisle and picked the ball out of the net 5 times at Colchester. Apparently he had a mare that day and has looked a bit dodgy.

  3. Kaboul for £8m ? That’s a possible transfer that doesn’t fill me with enthusiasm. He wasn’t very good before with us, and he’s not been great at Pompey. Now he’s part of the blowout sale, and could come back. In fact I’m getting fed with Harry’s consistent back and forth player exchanges with Pompey. It smacks all of a dodgy relationship between the clubs with money owned both ways.

    • And Peter Storrie wonders why he’s kept away from the action…..

      Let’s give him a chance now that he’s had an opportunity to learn away from the Lane.

      Could we nick back Berba in the summer? I’d like to see that!

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  5. Alnwick is apparently not good enough. He was panned at Carlisle, and I believe Redknapp made some comments referring to his lack of faith in Alnwick’s ability and composure. Granted he’s young for a goalkeeper, but I doubt him. When the prospect of him coming on for Gomes became evident against Fulham, I honestly thought we would lose.

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