Legends introduced in Danny Blanchflower Suite

Despite the disappointing result against Wolves on Saturday I did enjoy the day as I was upmarket in the Danny Blanchflower suite against the normal Block 53 position. What was enjoyable was the introduction of a number of ex players Martin Peters, Cliff Jones who is such a lovely man, Alan Mullery, Pat Jennings, Phil Beal, John Pratt, Paul Allen, Ralph Coates and Martin Chivers.

Having spied a sharpie in big Pat’s hand I managed to get some autographs which are on the back of the programme displayed.  

John Pratt and Paul Allen took questions from the floor and discussed games against Wolves and their thoughts for the day. Surprisingly Paul Allen could not remember playing aginst them which shows the depths to which they fell when they were originally relegated. Pratty was good on the microphone and to one question that he considered ridiculous answered “My name is Pratt – that’s my excuse – what’s yours?” 

I did have a chat with Mr Chivers and he was interested that Mr Gilzean had attended the Scottish Hall of Fame dinner.    

My guest and I also met up and had an enjoyable chat with some Norwegians who had popped over for a game – they had hoped for Man City but due to the day change from Tuesday to Wednesday had settled for Wolves instead and shared a table with a Dad and Lad from Swansea – a first visit to the Lane for the Dad a fan of 38 years. I should have known when he told me that disappointment might be the order of the day!

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